Flight Safety Guidelines

  1. Checking Equipment


Before flying, carefully check the propeller if any damage, aging, and whether the battery and other components are in good condition.



  1. Make sure the device is fully charged


Make sure your smart flight battery, remote control, repeater, and other devices are fully charged.

  1. Choose an empty flight field


Please choose an open space, away from people and buildings, and do not fly above people or animals.



  1. Do not exceed the safe flying height


In order to ensure the safety of large manned aircraft, please fly at a safe altitude of 400 feet below the ground.


  1. Do not drive the aircraft after drinking


Do not drink alcoholic beverages or oral medications before taking off.

  1. Please fly within the line of sight


During the flight, please make sure that the aircraft is within your line of sight and do not fly on the back of the obstacle.


  1. Please keep control of the aircraft at all times


During the flight, when using the automatic function, such as automatic take-off, automatic landing, etc., please do not leave the remote control with your hands, please keep control of the aircraft.

  1. Please fly with good GPS signal


Please take off when you get a good GPS signal, and use safe flight functions as much as possible, such as automatic return, fixed-point hover, etc.


  1. Comply with local laws and regulations


Please pay attention to the local laws and regulations regarding remotely piloted aircraft and strictly abide by them.


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