Agribotix became wholly owned by ageagle llc

ageagle llc

On August 28, 2018, Agribotix proudly became wholly owned by ageagle llc (NYSE American: UAVS).

AgEagle was created to pioneer, innovate and advance aerial imaging data collection and analytics technologies capable of addressing impending food and environmental sustainability crises that threaten our planet.  Our Company’s daily efforts are focused on delivering the metrics, tools and strategies necessary to define and implement intelligent sustainability and precision farming solutions that solve important problems.

Since ageagle llc founding in 2010, we have grown to become a trusted partner to major food and product manufacturers and precision farmers seeking to adopt and support productive agricultural approaches to better farming practices which limit impact on natural resources, reduce reliance on inputs and materially increase crop yields and profits.

While our business is powered by technologies that allow us to soar above the Earth’s surface, our belief systems and core values are firmly rooted in making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve, partner and share the world.

Agribotix helps people use new technology in agriculture drone

Agribotix provides fully supported, easy-to-use drone-enabled technologies and services, purpose-built for precision agriculture. Our singular focus on agriculture, coupled with responsive customer service and a culture of innovation, makes Agribotix the ideal strategic partner.

Agribotix processes and analyzes agricultural data gathered by drones. This agricultural intelligence is applied to increase yields and maximize the bottom line while reducing the environmental footprint. All Agribotix solutions include FarmLens™, the leading cloud-based data analysis and reporting solution for people using drones in agriculture. Outputs include prescription maps for in-season fertilization, weed reports for geolocating resistant patches and estimating coverage, and specialized reporting.

We serve customers in over 45 countries and have field experience with more than 44 crops, including corn, grapes, apples and sugar cane (see the interactive map below). Our next generation products integrate weather data, advanced image recognition and sophisticated analytics to provide even more detailed recommendations.



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