Agricultural drone manufacturers list in China

Chinese companies have become the true market leaders in the Drone industries, with hundreds of Done manufacturers

There are plenty of OEM and ODM Drone suppliers in the country

In this article, we give you a overview of some of chinese leading Drone Manufacturers.


DJI is a Chinese technology company based in Shenzhen, also called Da-Jiang Technology Co., Ltd.

It is best known for its high quality drones, but it also manufactures cameras, flight controllers, camera stabilizers, propulsion systems, flight platforms, and gimbals.

Therefore, you cannot private label or rebrand drones with your company logo.

Drone Manufacturers

XIRO is also a Shenzhen manufacturer, was founded in 2007. manufactures gimbals, flight controllers, binocular, and develop technologies

Their models are also designed for both commercial and personal use.

Xiro also manufactures and sells drone accessories. Xiro also sells drones under their own brand names.

Flypro is another Shenzhen based drone manufacturer that is known for its high-quality and advanced sports and consumer electronic drones.

If you are looking for OEM or ODM solutions for your own brand name, you can contact Flypro for their application solutions.


Is also a manufacturer of smart aerial vehicle that is based in Guangzhou, China but also has regional offices in Shanghai.

This company also sells drones under its own brand names and does not offer services for ODM and OEM drones.


Founded in 1999, Yuneec International is one of the oldest drone manufacturers on our list. The company is owned by Tian Yu and based in Jiangsu, China.

Yuneec also manufactures drone accessories that include batteries, propellers, etc. sells all their dronesunder their own brand names.

Xiaomi Drone

Xiaomi Inc. was founded in 2010 and based in Beijing. The company is known for its smartphones as it is ranked as the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world but it also produces drones.

The founder of Xiaomi Inc. is Lei Jun who is also ranked as the 23rd richest person in the world.

Xiaomi was also ranked second among 50 smartest companies in 2015 by MIT Technology Review.

Also sells drones under its brand name not OEM

Shenzhen Drones

Shenzhen drones is relatively a small company that is known for its high-quality drones made specifically for agricultural needs.

The company currently manufactures and markets two models, SZD-15A and SZD-10A. Both of these models are used for spraying fertilizers and pesticides.

Company also manufactures accessories like controllers, spare parts, and tanks. sells drones under its own brand name.

Fly Dragon

Was founded in 2017 and based in ChengDu China. sell agriculture drone, firefighting drone, power line string drone and drone frame.

Also this company supply all of drone parts, battery, charger etc, if you want to diy a drone, you can find them to supply parts for you.

Fly Dragon supply OEM OR ODM.



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