Best ag drones for sale in 2019

best ag drones for sale

If you want to buy a best ag drones,there are a lot of best ag drones for sale on line ,  If you don’t want to waste time and money, it’s worth doing decent research before buying a drone, and we will give your more help, here we go

Want to buy & fly a drone? First:

  • Determine exactly what you want to use it for. Is a drone the best tool for the job?
  • visit the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and read the drone laws that apply to your situation, to check it’s safe & legal to do what you have in mind.
  • Also – be aware that the remit of aviation authorities is to ensure aviation safety. There’s also federal, state and local authority laws preventing drone flights such as coastal ports, urban parks, defence facilities and prisons


Buying a drone is like buying a car.  The vital consideration is: what do you specifically want a drone to do and who will be flying it ?

In simple terms, the 5 main choice-related considerations:

  1. Portability (smaller = better)
  2. Visibility (how far you can fly it legally is determined by how far away you can see it. Bigger = better.)
  3. Quality of images (or the ability to use other kinds of sensors)
  4. Price (don’t pay more than you need to)
  5. Wind resistance (vital consideration if flights are time-sensitive and you are in coastal or other regions where high winds are a regular occurrence)

What is best for you depends on which of the above considerations matters most to you. List your personal priorities in order.

Summary of different drone features to consider, and their significance in relation to completing the required tasks:

  • Portability: size & weight. Will you be carting it around on a motorbike, in a ute, or on a plane?  In your pockets or a large hard case?
  • Quality of the inbuilt camera: which really only matters a lot if you want to sell drone photographs; otherwise, not to buy expensive camera
  • Ability to attach other cameras and sensors:  rather than just use inbuilt cameras and sensors – are you wanting to use your drone for mapping, for example?
  • Capacity to carry other weight:  eg spray units, bearing in mind that using drone spray units requires licencing and special permission in some country
  • Number of motors: quadcopters [4 motor drones] drop like rocks if one motor fails – no redundancy,
  • Weight of the drone:  Most of drone can fly under 6 level wind
  • Noise: if you want to muster livestock out of holding paddocks with your drone, noise is an advantage. now some drone use a loudspeaker.
  • Power:  affects speed, lift capacity, steadiness in the wind etc.
  • Longevity/durability: more composite material used to for drones, so it’s not easy broken, unless  If you operate with a mistakes
  • Range (transmission range – controller to drone):  consider of the safe, max  fly distance is under 3 Km for most of drone
  • Speed: is also worth ignoring – unless you’re buying a racing drone.

       Drone batteries:

  • Flight time – when new, drone batteries last for a few minutes up to 31 minutes; depending on the brand and flight conditions.
  • Number of batteries the drone requires ( if one battery fails in flight, the other will allow the drone to be flown and safely landed)
  • Lithium batteries that power drones are expensive. The current price for LIPO batteries for agriculture is $400-450 each.
  • If you wat to diy a drone yourself, you need good drone parts website, you will get some good parts with low price.


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