Drone technology in agriculture in manufacturers in china

drone technology in agriculture in manufacturers in china

China is the world’s top consumer of agricultural pesticides and at the same time, the leading drone technology in agriculture in china . So it’s fitting using drones to reduce the country’s consumption of pesticides.

Drone spraer application in agriculture in south of china

“From north to south, China is a vast country. We have severe pesticide pollution on farmland. There are two top concerns for the people: air and food. We have great confidence in reducing China’s pesticide pollution. And drone spraying has a lot of potential to achieve that.”

Advantages of drone sprayer technology in agricultural applications

“Using drones to spray pesticides is 30 times more efficient than the traditional way. It reduces work for the farmers. And through many experiments, we found that drone spraying can save 25% of pesticide usage. It only takes 2 liters of water per acre for each drone to carry out its task. But with regular spraying, it takes 60 liters of water.”

“This is how traditional spraying works. It takes two workers half a day to cover this field of wax gourd. But now with drone spraying, it only takes a drone 4 minutes to do the same job.”

Drone sprayer application in agriculture

“Our target is to achieve precise spraying. First, we use spectral cameras installed on the drone to scan farmland and generate a precise picture that can show the different levels of insect damage to the farmland. Then the drone can control the amount of pesticides sprayed on the crops according to their damage levels.”

In order to achieve their goal, a huge amount of detailed work needs to be carried out. Wang and the students have to fly all over the country to carry out experiments on different crops, and collect the raw data piece by piece.

Drone spraying in China

“Aviation spraying is a very mature concept in the US, but it’s still a new thing in China. So the industry here doesn’t have an operating standard. What’s more complicated is that the standard for each crop in each stage of growth is different. So we’re now trying to establish a standard model.”

Currently, there are nearly 5,000 agricultural drones in China, and the number is rapidly increasing with big manufacturers like DJI joining the arena. hopes the government can introduce more preferential policies to support the development of agricultural drones.

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