Principle of cotton defoliation

With the increase of labor costs, mechanized harvest has become the mainstream way of cotton, in order not to pollute cotton and purple, improve
The quality of cotton requires spraying the defoliant in advance. The defoliant is a chemical agent that can be used for defoliation and dehydration.
The function of ripening, spitting purple and preventing secondary growth of leaves, which facilitates mechanical harvesting, the aircraft has become a
A common tool for leaf spray applications.
The cotton absorbs the defoliating agent and ethephon sprayed by the drone through the blade, and promotes the formation of the separation layer of the cotton petiole base in advance.
Achieve defoliation, and inhibit greed, so that late cotton matures in advance.

According to the mechanism of action of defoliants, it can be divided into two major categories: herbicide and hormone.
Herbicide-type defoliating agent: By killing the leaf tissue of plants, destroying the cell membrane, the leaves are quickly dehydrated and dried, and the defoliation is achieved in advance.
Hormone defoliant: It acts on the balance of the stimuli in the plant, accelerates the natural senescence and maturation of the plant, and is slightly slower than the herbicide type. It mainly depends on the activity of the crop itself, and realizes the physiological greening of the leaves in advance, without any dryness. It will not pollute the cotton wool, and the natural metabolism will continue, so the cotton wool and the leaves continue to mature, and have no effect on cotton yield and quality.
If you use inferior defoliants or uneven spraying will result in:
1. The cotton plant is not tidy and not completely sown, and the harvesting frequency and cost are increased.
2, the speed of defoliation is slow or does not fall off, especially when encountering cold current and low temperature, delay harvesting
3, dead leaves hanging branches, polluting cotton wool, increasing the time and cost of cleaning, reducing cotton grade and economic benefits

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