Anti drone system classification and working principle

Anti drone system

The development of drones has indeed brought convenience to many industries, but some pilots do not follow the local government's control to fly drones, which will bring security risks, so the anti-drone system was born, and the working principle of the anti-drone system what is it then? What are the countermeasures against drones?

Signal interference

Generally speaking, the simplest and most direct way of interference blocking is signal interference, which has relatively low technical content and low cost. At present, most UAVs on the market use the combination of GPS satellite navigation system and inertial navigation system. It is not difficult to interfere with the GPS signal. The anti-UAV system only needs to launch a certain amount of The directional radio frequency of the power is enough. After the GPS signal of the drone is interfered, the accurate self-coordinate data cannot be obtained, which will cause the drone to lose control to a certain extent, so that the operation fails. However, this method is also the mildest method among many "encirclement and suppression" drones. It will not let the drone fall. It is a way to reduce the "harmful purpose" of the drone through interference.

Sonic interference

Compared with signal interference, sound wave interference is much more high-end, and the degree of damage is higher than that of signal interference. In August last year, researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) published a report saying they had developed a new "sonic jamming counter-drone system" that, unlike signal jamming, uses Sound waves to jam the drone's hardware, rendering it incapacitated.

There is an important component inside the drone, the gyroscope, which can provide the drone with information such as body tilt, rotation and direction angle to maintain the balance of the body. Researchers in South Korea have proved that when the frequency of the sound wave is consistent with the natural frequency of the drone's gyroscope, resonance will occur, making the gyroscope unable to work properly, causing the drone to fall. Although the method of interfering with hardware is more violent and direct, the relative lack of signal interference is that the targeting and tracking performance of sonic interference is not as stable as GPS interference, and the cost is expensive. .

Radio interference

When it comes to jamming blocking anti-UAV systems, we have to mention the AUDS system, which is also from British Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems ( The anti-drone system jointly developed by Enterprise Control Systems) is the most famous anti-drone device of last year, which mainly uses a high-power radio wave to destroy drones. Simply put, this radio wave can effectively block the communication of the drone, and can shut down the drone in mid-air. The anti-UAV system can attack UAVs 1.6 kilometers away, and it only takes 10-15 seconds to target UAVs and can launch a "swarm attack" on UAVs, shooting down multiple UAVs at one time Humans and machines are a big threat.

Violent destruction

Compared with the gentle anti-drone method of radio interference, the violent anti-drone method is mostly used in military affairs, and its characteristic is one word: violence! The purpose is also very direct: weeds and roots, leaving no room.
Anti drone system

High Tech

Boeing of the United States proposed a solution to counter drones last year, and launched the main tool of the program-laser cannon. This laser cannon has a high-energy laser mobile transmitter developed by Boeing itself. After testing, the laser emitted by this transmitter at full power only takes two seconds to burn a hole in the outer casing of the drone. Such destructive power is a lethal blow to a flying drone
hit. Another advantage of this laser cannon is that it has a very low operating cost and can use a 220V power supply to work, that is to say, just plug in the power and you can shoot down the drone from the air.
Anti drone system

Physical Cannonball

In order to rectify these drones, weapons manufacturers are not idle. The Snake River company of the United States once launched a special bullet for drones, which can easily shoot down drones with their company's equipment. Coincidentally, at the beginning of this year, Russia, the fighting nation, launched a special equipment for anti-drone - the shoulder-mounted anti-drone device SkyWall100, which is driven by compressed gas and can launch a mesh catcher to the drone. , to realize the capture of illegally invaded drones. However, compared to the U.S. drone bullets, the fighting nation is a little gentler. Their SkyWall100 shells have built-in parachutes, so the drone may not die after being shot down.