Aramex Courier company completes first drone package delivery test in Oman

Aramex, the Middle East's largest courier company, completed its first drone package delivery in Oman on Wednesday as part of its strategy to reduce last-mile delivery times and transition to a more sustainable delivery fleet. The flight, operated in partnership with U.S.-based UVL Robotics, tested the drone’s ability to safely deliver packages in different terrains, distances and weather conditions.

Drone delivery package bring new change 

“The launch of the Future of Delivery program demonstrates Aramex’s market leadership in last-mile solutions in the region. We believe that the next generation of last-mile solutions, including drones and autonomous vehicles, will be a game changer as it Efficient delivery can be ensured while being environmentally friendly. Time savings and environmental benefits compared to road transport.” Saoudi further emphasized that the drone test flight has proven that the automated delivery model will allow the company to further improve the speed, accessibility and reliability of parcel delivery sex, especially in remote areas where terrain is difficult to reach.

Advanced Solutions

Global pandemic-driven e-commerce growth and parallel shifts in consumer behavior call for faster, more reliable and efficient last-mile delivery solutions, driving major players in the market to invest heavily in the growing drone delivery segment. Angad Singh, global innovation director at Aramex, said the success of the pilot drone delivery was an "extraordinary milestone" for the company's future delivery plans, a key pillar of its innovation and sustainability roadmap.

“The autonomous drone technology provided by UVL Robotics has the potential to cut transit times in complex routes in half, which means we can now add more value to our customers and consignees as we can speed up package deliveries across different industries, This includes e-commerce, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, among others." He noted that the company plans to expand and deploy the solution to all the markets in which it operates.