Classification and parameter meanings of UAV propellers

Without a propeller, a drone is nothing but a rock. Unfortunately, when people want to save money, the idea of propellers comes first. This idea is wrong because the price of a propeller is closely related to its quality. Buying a cheap propeller is a real bargain, and the drone can happily fly with it for a while. But sooner or later the propeller you bought for a few bucks will fly to shreds, and your beloved drone might be damaged by a few bucks cracking parts. Therefore, it is not recommended to save money in this place. The propellers sold by different manufacturers mainly have three indicators: material, diameter, and pitch. The driver should prepare a few more propellers, because the propellers are often the first parts to break.


At present, the materials used in UAVs are wood, plastic, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of several materials after paddle making.

Wooden propeller

Wooden propeller has been used as a propeller material since the invention of aircraft. Whether it is unmanned aerial vehicle or manned aircraft, its use has been uninterrupted. The advantages of wooden propeller are light weight, easy processing and low cost. , the disadvantage is that the production process is cumbersome and the precision of the finished product is low. The vibration of the wooden paddle during flight is moderate.

Plastic propellers

The advantages of plastic propellers are easy processing, low cost, high mold processing precision, and light weight. The disadvantages are low strength and easy to break the propeller.

Carbon propeller (composite material)

carbon fiber drone propeller

With the development of technology and the demand for drone propeller flight, glass fiber and carbon fiber propellers have entered the market. Glass fiber is characterized by high mechanical strength and elastic coefficient, and the price is cheap, but it has a Disadvantages such as brittleness and poor wear resistance. The advantages of carbon fiber are light weight, high tensile strength, and friction resistance. Due to the high strength of the carbon propeller itself, the vibration generated during the flight is also higher than the above.

Propeller parameters

There will be a series of numbers on the propeller, as shown in the figure 2880, what does these four numbers mean? The meaning of the first two digits of 28 is the diameter of the propeller, in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), but this propeller should be noted that it is 2.8 inches, not 28 inches. The last two digits 80 represent the pitch (the meaning of the pitch is that the propeller rises or advances by one rotation in an immobile medium.Distance) 



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