FDG30 Mako shark mapping drone can match 3 Mapping Software

FDG30 Mako Shark for drone mapping

At present, one of the most common uses of industrial drone in the market is drone surveying and mapping. There are many options for surveying and mapping drones, but there are not many drone surveying and mapping software on the market. In order to save your time and facilitate you to find suitable surveying and mapping Software, today I will combine the FDG30 VTOL surveying and mapping drone to recommend three high-performance and price-competitive surveying and mapping software:

1. Drone deployment

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DroneDeploy is a user-friendly cloud-based software that allows you to capture, process and analyze data on one platform. You can create high-resolution 2D and 3D interior and exterior maps and models down to 1 to 5 centimeters.

It is designed for individuals, teams or businesses and is ideal for all use cases and industries. However, DroneDeploy's main markets include agriculture, construction, mining, energy, roofing and inspection.

2. Pix4D

Pix4D Accelerates Growth With A New Office In Madrid -

Pix4D is the only fully hybrid drone mapping and photogrammetry software on the market, with mobile flight, desktop and cloud-based platforms. It's a tool for businesses and advanced users that gives you sub-1cm survey-grade accuracy.

It provides industry-specific applications for mapping, construction, agriculture, telecommunications, public safety, mining, inspection, and manufacturing and integration. It also provides various data acquisition applications and data acquisition devices.

3. SimActive

SimActive | High-End Mapping Software

Correlator3D is SimActive's patented high-end photogrammetry software not only for drones, but also aircraft and satellites. It is designed to work with any type of drone platform, cameras and sensors. However, it currently only works on Windows computers.

It is specially designed for large-scale projects such as surveying and mapping, construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, and emergency response. It has been put into use in many scenarios such as agricultural resource monitoring and natural disaster damage assessment.

FDG30 Mako Shark 6 hours endurance VTOL mapping drone

FDG30 electric long endurance VTOL fixed wing mapping drone was developed by FlyDragon Aviation UAV company, droen frame is carbon fiber mamertial, the weight of droen frame is 6KG only, FDG30 endurance is 6 hours with 1kg payload, it's the one of best VTOL for mapping&surveillance on the mraket. FlyDragon supply PNP and RTF version

FDG30 VTOL mapping drone