How to calculate the battery life of an electric drone?

The longer the battery life of the drone, the better, there is no doubt that there are 30 minutes, 1 hour, and even 6 hours of electric drones on the market. So how to calculate the drone's battery life is more reasonable?

1. The first thing to determine is what type of UAV you are using, because UAVs with different uses not only use different UAV batteries, but also have different requirements for the size of the discharge current.

2. If you want to know which UAV battery brand makes the UAV last longer, you must choose the specifications of the same capacity and discharge rate, choose the same UAV, and compare it under the same conditions of use.

3. Estimate the duration of the drone's battery life from the number of the drone's battery label. Generally, the drone has a stable rated current when it is working normally. We set this current as I. The battery label of the drone generally indicates the battery capacity, such as FDG30 6 hours long endurance VTOL use 8s 60000mah 1C battery, then the approximate battery life of the drone can be calculated:
FDG30 6 hours long endurance VTOL

FDG30 MakoShark 6 hours endurance electric VTOL

UAV battery life (t) = 60000mAh/I

FDG30 VTOL average I=0.15C=90000mA (C means discharge rate)

This time is only a theoretical calculation value. In fact, the general time will be less than the theoretical value, because it is impossible for the drone to fly at a constant speed. When it encounters strong wind or needs to fly at a high speed, a large current discharge is required, and the current will be greater than the rated value. current I. Then it can also be introduced here. If there is the maximum discharge current I2 of the drone, then in the same way, the shortest battery life of the drone can be calculated.



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