How to make Maintained for agriculture drone?

if you want to make agriculture droen business, the first things is you should to know How to make  Maintained for agaricultre drone.

Drone cleaning

Agriculture droneismainly used for spraying pesticides and foliar fertilizers at this stage. After operation, pesticides, dust, and soil will inevitably adhere to parts such as water tanks, arms, pipelines, and propellers. However, simple scrubbing cannot guarantee that aircraft parts will not be corroded by pesticide residues. Users need to disassemble and clean the drone, wipe it with a wrung wet rag, and then dry it before storing it.

Parts that need to be disassembled for cleaning: water tank outlet filter, flow meter (impeller), auxiliary water tank, liquid level gauge, water pump (water pump rubber base), air filter block, nozzle fixing rod, nozzle (filter, pressure relief valve) , rubber pad, nozzle), tee, tripod shock absorber, water tank outlet cover, water tank, paddle clip, radar, etc.

performance check

The inspection and maintenance of the power system and link system of the aircraft before and after the operation of the plant protection aircraft is a necessary homework to ensure the stable operation of the aircraft. The inspection and maintenance of the power system mainly involves components such as propellers and motors. Users need to get used to checking whether the propeller is damaged or not before and after operation.
Cracks, whether the front and back propellers are installed correctly, whether there is any noise or resistance when the motor is rotating. If it is found, it should be replaced in time to avoid failure of the aircraft due to power system problems during operation.
The inspection of the link system of the whole aircraft is mainly to check whether the link of the aircraft is complete and whether the wiring is in good condition, so as to avoid the loosening and contact of the internal wires of the aircraft and cause failures.

Because, when the aircraft plug is connected to the battery plug, ignition will occur. After a long period of ignition, the metal of the plug will be oxidized, and the metal part will be distributed, resulting in increased heat generation at the plug end, which will affect flight. Therefore, if the metal part of the plug is found to be black or the outer diameter of the metal part of the plug is found to be
If the plug is too loose, the plug should be replaced in time.

Replacement parts

After long-term and high-intensity operations, some parts of the plant protection drone may be damaged and aged, which will affect the efficiency and effect of the operation, and even bring hidden safety risks. At this time, users can consider replacing some parts.

If you replace the paddle gasket, you can avoid the phenomenon that the paddle is not flat on the motor due to the aging and wear of the pad, so as to improve the stability of the motor. The vibration caused damage to the aircraft. Replacement of hoses and clamps can ensure the efficient and smooth flow of the liquid medicine transportation channel in the spraying system, and avoid the aging and loosening of the clamps caused by excessive use time

FZ50 50L Heavy Payload Agriculture Spraying Drone

FZ50 50L Heavy Payload Agriculture Spraying Drone