Israeli police deploy BVLOS drones for surveillance and intelligence missions

police drone

The Israeli police department deployed their first Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone using a DJI M300RTK drone for traffic command, surveillance and intelligence missions in a city of approximately 93,000 residents

When a traffic accident occurs, the drone will fly to the scene before the rescue team arrives, providing situational awareness to the command department. In the arrest operation at night, the UAV can be equipped with a thermal imaging camera, which can provide the police department with real-time impact on the arrest area in the air, which provides great help to the police and avoids unnecessary casualties.

FD02N 30X 6km LRF 360°Degree GPS Location IR Camera for police drone

FD02N 30X 6km LRF 360°Degree GPS Location IR Camera for police drone

FD02N is a 30X 6KM laser ranging GPS positioning drone camera. It adopts a dual-axis gyro stabilized platform and installs a conductive slip ring to achieve 360° continuous rotation. It has a built-in 30X high-definition visible light camera, long-wave uncooled infrared imaging components, and a laser rangefinder. , can identify people and vehicles at a distance of 6km, and is mainly used for airborne ground imaging detection, identification, tracking, ranging and positioning, etc., to meet the needs of aerial surveying, monitoring, and mapping.


Working band: 0.4μm~0.9μm;
Detector pixel number: 1920×1080;
Focal length: 4.3mm~129mm, optical 30x continuous zoom;
Continuous zoom horizontal field of view: 63.7º~1.1º;
Video output: network video stream, 1080P, 30Hz.
Detection distance:
Human: size 0.5x1.8m detection distance 6km, recognition distance 2km
Car: size 2x6m detection distance 15km, recognition distance 8km


Working band: 8μm~14μm;
Detector pixel number: 640×512;
Pixel size: 12um;
NETD: 50mk;
Focal length: 50mm/F1.0;
Field of view: 8.8º×7.0º;
Video output: network video stream, 1080P, 30Hz.
Detection distance:
People: size 0.5x1.8m detection distance 1.8km, recognition distance 0.6km
Car: size 4x6m detection distance 8km, recognition distance 1.8km

Laser Ranging

Working wavelength: 1535nm;
Ranging accuracy: ±2m;
Ranging frequency: 1Hz;

Laser ranging distance: 50 ~ 6000m.

Object tracking 

a) Pixel deviation update rate: 50hz;
b) Tracking speed: 30 pixels/frame;
c) Minimum target contrast: 8%;
d) Minimum target imaging size: 4×3 pixels;
e) When the target image rolls, zooms out or zooms in rapidly, it has the ability to track without slippage and loss.
lost ability;
f) It has the ability to automatically recapture the target after the short-term occlusion conditions such as clouds and ground scenes are eliminated.

System parameters

Azimuth axis: n×360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis: -110°~+10° (horizontal direction is 0°, upward is positive)
Angle measurement accuracy: ≤2mrad;
Stability accuracy: ≤100µrad (1σ) (2°/1Hz, 1°/2Hz swing);
Maximum angular velocity: ≥50°/s;
Maximum angular acceleration: ≥90°/s2
Size: ≤Φ150mm×205mm;
Weight: ≤2kg

Working temperature: -20℃~60℃

GPS Location Resolving

The advanced location calculating algorithm is used to calculate the distance of the object within 3000 meters, accurately analyze the longitude and latitude of the object, and display the on the screen. It has a great auxiliary role in the enforcement of military and police.

FD02N 30X 6km LRF 360°Degree Dual Camera
FD02N 30X 6km LRF 360°Degree Dual Camera