Microdrones has launched a new Long range lidar-equipped drones for surveying

Microdrones has launched a new lidar integrated drone system for surveying work that covers a long range and creates and maintains digital twins of their assets and project sites.

Called the mdLiDAR1000LR drone, the unmanned aerial system (UAS) can capture data from a longer range and greater distance per flight, allowing larger projects to be completed more efficiently, Microdrones said.

The drone allows more efficiency in survey equipment, software, workflow, training and support in the field.

Microdrones said that lidar-integrated drones are making a serious impact for specialists across many professions in terms of data collection and generation of geospatial deliverables.

“The mdLiDAR1000LR increases the distance from which details can be captured,” said Frank Darmayan, COO at Microdrones. “It can capture powerline details at 75m for distribution and 90m for transmission, effectively doubling the range of our mdLiDAR1000HR system. Flying at 70m from the powerlines, at 8m/s allows for efficient location of the powerlines with roughly 10 points per linear meter and capturing great detail of the towers.”

The company also offers drones as a service to give users a chance to rent or buy a drone for surveying equipment along with software packages.

FDT940A 10W 60km wireless hopping drone telemetry module

drone transmission range

T940A is mainly used for data transmission of high-power long-distance industrial drones. It has small size, good integration, high sensitivity, and weight is 200g only. The working frequency band of T940A is 902~928MHz. T940A adopts 256-bit physical layer encryption, the transmission data is stable and not easily disturbed.


Frequency range: 902-928MHz
Spread spectrum method: FHSS
Data Encryption: 256-bit physical layer encryption
Communication range: up to 100KM/200KM
Output power: 10W (40dBm)
Air interface rate: up to 276.4kbps
Serial port baud rate: up to 921.6kbps
Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Power supply voltage: DC15~26V, typical value +24V
Size: 102*49*18.5mm
Weight: 200g



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