Pressure nozzle and centerifugal nozzle which is better for agriculture drone?

Agricuture spraying drone system mainly includes tank, water pump, water pipe and nozzle. Among them, the nozzle, as an important part of the spraying system, directly affects the spraying atomization effect, pesticide utilization rate, and operating efficiency. Let me share with you the advantages and disadvantages of the two  types of agriculture drone nozzles : pressure nozzles and centrifugal nozzles.
agriculture drone centrifugal noeele

1. Principle

Pressure nozzle: The pressure generated by the liquid pump causes the liquid medicine to disperse into fine droplets under the action of pressure when it passes through the nozzle. The pressure of the nozzle and the size of the aperture affect the size of the formed droplet.
Centrifugal nozzle: The motor drives the nozzle to rotate at a high speed, and the liquid medicine is dispersed into fine droplets by centrifugal force. The voltage of the motor affects the size of the formed droplets.

2. Advantages

Pressure nozzle: The liquid has a high pressure and strong penetrability, and the produced liquid has a small amount of drift, which is not easy to evaporate due to high temperature and drought. Moreover, the spraying system is relatively simple in structure and low in cost.

Centrifugal nozzle: The droplet size produced is smaller, the droplet diameter is not much different, the liquid medicine is atomized evenly, the atomization effect is good, and it is easy to control the spray flow and droplet size remotely.
agricultre drone pressure nozzle

3. Disadvantages:

Pressure nozzle:

1) The atomization of the liquid medicine is not uniform, and the diameter of the droplets is quite different, which is especially easy to block when spraying powder. 

2) Since the droplet size can only be adjusted by changing nozzles with different aperture sizes, it is easy to cause large spray volume and phytotoxicity during take-off acceleration and when the ground is turning.

Centrifugal nozzle:
1) The liquid medicine is relatively easy to drift away, the uniform distribution of the liquid medicine on the unit area is poor, and the uneven coefficient is poor.
2) The accessories of the centrifugal nozzle are prone to problems. The motor of the brushed motor version is easily damaged, has a short life, and the frequency of replacement is high. The cost of the brushless motor version is relatively high.

Different crops and different control objects are suitable for using different droplet sizes. Relevant studies have shown that different control objects are suitable for using different droplet sizes. For example, for insecticides to control flying pests, the droplet size is preferably 10-50 microns, and for contact herbicides, the best size is 100-300 microns. Therefore, whether it is a pressure sprinkler or a centrifugal sprinkler, one should fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, in order to prescribe the right medicine reasonably and scientifically, and achieve good control effects.