Pterodactyl H2 drone used to fight wildfires

Pterodactyl H2 drone used to fight wildfires

In late August this year, a devastating wildfire broke out in the mountains of Chongqing, a city with a population of 31 million. About 20,000 people participated in the Chongqing fire fighting operation. Many of them are volunteers from the city. Due to the lack of mature roads, many relief materials cannot be transported to the disaster relief site. Volunteers have to take risks to transport materials and equipment to the frontline firefighters on mountain bikes.

In addition to transporting supplies by motorcycle, drones have also been deployed for the first time to the scene of wildfires in China to deliver food and water, provide aerial surveillance and deliver supplies.

Drone artificial rain

In the process of fighting the wildfire this time, the weather was relatively dry and there has been no rainfall. The large Chinese-made UAV Pterosaur 2H carried silver iodide into the clouds to generate artificial rainfall to prevent the spread of the wildfire. At present, many provinces in China are already trying to use Pterosaur H2 for artificial rainfall.

Pterosaur 2H mainly used in the following fields

Emergency disaster relief type: On the basis of the Wing Loong-2 UAV system, it is a large-scale emergency disaster relief UAV developed for disaster detection, emergency communication support, emergency delivery and other tasks. The UAV, the ground control station and the support system together constitute the Wing Loong-2H emergency disaster relief UAV system. Pterosaur-2H is equipped with photoelectric detection pods, synthetic aperture radars, aerial CCD cameras, emergency communication support pods, emergency delivery cabins and other equipment.

Meteorological: Based on the Wing Loong-2 UAV system, it is a large-scale meteorological UAV system developed for tasks such as atmospheric detection and artificial weather modification.