Qualcomm 5G UAV industry Shenxin released

Qualcomm 5G UAV industry Shenxin released

It is reported that Qualcomm has begun to work on the research and development of 5G drones. With the continuous improvement of smart devices, the technical strength of 5G has improved, giving Qualcomm a special window. Let's take a look at Qualcomm's 5G drones.


Qualcomm's project integration is very high. In a huge and complex system, the continuous improvement of drone technology and the improvement of the strength of audio-visual technology are already quite stable. There is also the development of entertainment mode, and at the same time, there are key and huge breakthroughs in detection, protection, inspection, and map depiction.

Chip IoT

The QRB5165 processor displayed this time can make the self-service transmission of data very smooth. The development of the intelligent field and the combination of high-tech factories have made the foundation of the Internet a high-performance opportunity. The joint company launched new drone joint solutions, and on the whole technical level, these can be produced in a very short period of time.
Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform Drone Reference Design | ModalAI, Inc.

New drone release

The chipset of the platform itself can reduce power consumption. At the same time, the edge theory under artificial intelligence and mechanical calculation has pushed the self-service drone development model to a new height. In order to enhance the image function of like-minded people, 5G With the upgrade of WiFi6, a new image quality improvement can be achieved within the line of sight, the flight experience of the device is more powerful, and the security is stronger. The release of the chip means that under the strength of the combination of Verizon and Qualcomm, new products can be expected in the future. Sure enough, the launch of new products in December has attracted great attention from everyone.