Rainbow-4 UAV with heavy oil engine successfully made its maiden flight

Rainbow-4 UAV

According to the news from Aerospace Rainbow UAV Co., Ltd. of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the medium-altitude long-endurance heavy oil UAV independently developed by the Aerospace Rainbow UAV completed the scientific research test not long ago. This type of UAV has successfully completed the test subjects such as autonomous take-off and landing, waypoint flight, full-load transportation, maximum ceiling, range and voyage time.

This type of UAV replaces the heavy oil engine on the basis of the Rainbow-4, which can be said to be an "upgraded version" of the Rainbow-4. New drones can meet the needs of "flying higher, longer flight time and better safety".

The replacement of the heavy oil engine of the Rainbow-4 has special significance:

1.The aviation heavy oil engine with completely independent property rights has been replaced this time. It has advanced technology and has entered the first-class category. It is an aero-engine with independent development, independent property rights and local production. It has independent controllability, low fuel consumption and long endurance. The advantages of a wide-area application environment.

2. The UAV adopts a new type of aviation heavy oil engine, which greatly increases the emptying time, has a longer range, higher cruising altitude and ceiling, and can also increase the load capacity by 30%-50%, which is applicable to a wider range of operations.

3.The UAV platform's flight capability and load-carrying capacity have been greatly improved, and it can be used for high-resolution earth observation, surveying and mapping, communications, aerial geophysical exploration, environmental monitoring, and forest fire prevention.

The successful completion of this test marks the official entry of this drone into the market. After being put into use, this type of drone can fly in complex environments such as plateaus and islands, broadening the application scenarios of drones, for emergency communication, forest fire prevention, Smart cities, etc. inject vitality.