Safran wins $340 million contract for French Army's Patroller tactical patrol drone

safran's Patroller tactical patrol drone

The French Army’s tactical unmanned aerial system will soon achieve a major milestone, with Safran reportedly signing a $340 million UAV procurement contract to deliver the first Patroller in December Fixed wing tactical drone.

The company's press officer, Pascal Debergé, told Janes that the initial five drones and two ground control stations will be delivered to the DGA in December. A total of 14 patrol drones, 6 ground control stations, and associated training and support to enhance Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities 61st Artillery Regiment, replacing Safran Sperwer drones.

The Patroller is a mid-altitude long-endurance platform based on the Stemme ECARYS ES15 general-purpose aircraft, capable of operating at an altitude of 16,000 feet for up to 15 hours, with a line-of-sight range of 180 km and a maximum speed of 200 km/h. It is equipped with a Safran Euroflir 410 gyro-stabilized multispectral drone camera, as well as Leonardo Electronics PicoSAR Synthetic Aperture Radar and Ground Moving Target Indication Radar (SAR/GMTI) using Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology.

FD80 60 km detection camera with multispectral common aperture

FD80 60 km detection camera with multispectral common aperture

FD80 is an ultra-long-distance detection camera with visible light, near-infrared, short-wave infrared, mid-wave infrared and laser spectrum apertures, which can detect targets within 60km of 2.3 meters * 2.3 meters, and can identify 2.3 meters * 2.3 meters within 30 km Meter target (person or vehicle), the laser irradiation distance can reach 15KM, mainly used for border cruise, reconnaissance, etc.

FD80 60 km detection camera with multispectral common aperture


visible light imaging
Working wavelength: 0.4um~0.7jim
Detector: 1920x1080
Horizontal field of view: 30.6X17.2°~1.53°X0.86°
Detection distance: 30km; Recognition distance: 15km (2.3mx2.3m target)

Infrared imaging

Continuous zoom medium wave cooling
Working wavelength: 3.7~4.8jm
Detector: 640×512
Horizontal field of view: Navigation 30°x24°, Large 7.44°x6°, Medium 1.86°x1.5°, Small 0.47°x0.37°
Distance (2.3mx2.3m): Detection: 30km; Recognition: 20km

Shortwave infrared

Working wavelength: 0.95um~1.7um
Detector: 640×512
Horizontal field of view: large 7.44°x6°, medium 1.86°x1.5°, small 0.45°x0.36°
Distance (2.3mx2.3m): Detection: 30km; Recognition: 20km

Near infrared

Working wavelength: 0.7um~0.9um
Detector: 1920x1080
Horizontal field of view: large 30.6°~1.53°; small 0.5°x0.5°
Distance (2.3mx2.3m): Detection: 45km; Recognition: 30km

Laser photometry

Working wavelength and energy: 1064nm; ≥75mJ
Ranging performance: Range: ≥30km; Accuracy: ±2m
Indication distance: ≥10km

Spot search

Working wavelength: 1064nm
Performance: field of view: ≥4°; search and follow distance: ≥10km

Servo performance

Rotation range: Azimuth: 360° continuous; Pitch: +90°~-120°
Angular velocity: maximum angular velocity in pitch: ≥40°/s; maximum angular velocity in azimuth: ≥60°/s
Stability and positioning accuracy:
Line of sight stabilization accuracy: ≤10urad(1o);
Geographic coordinate positioning accuracy: ≤20m/10km

System parameters

Weight: ≤110Kg
Size: ≤c533mm×700mm
Power supply: DC28V, the voltage range is 18V~30V
Power consumption: average power consumption≤400W, peak power consumption≤700W
Working temperature: -45℃~60℃
Storage temperature: -55℃~+70℃


Communication interface: 1*RS422
Video interface: 4*HD-SDI