The application of the Vtol fixed-wing drone is the future

FDG30 6 hours long endurance mapping drone

FDG30 mapping VTOL fixed-wing  6hours endurance with 1kg payload 

With the continuous development of science and technology, chips, sensors, control systems, etc. are more mature, and the application of drones in the industry is increasing year by year. Nowadays, various types of drones have been widely used in agriculture, forestry and plant protection, geographic surveying and mapping, security patrols, environmental protection, emergency rescue and many other fields. However, the vertical fixed-wing UAV, as one of the representative models of UAVs, has been welcomed by users in the industry in recent years.

FDG35 7kg heavy payload electric vtolFDG35 payload 7kg flight 140minutes
In recent years, with the increasing demand for industrial applications, multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs cannot meet the needs of some complex sites. The vertical fixed-wing UAV is a combination of multi-rotor and fixed-wing. It has the function of multi-rotor can take off and land vertically, and is not limited by the site and environment, so it is flexible and convenient to take off and land. At the same time, the vertical fixed-wing UAV also has the advantages of long fixed-wing flight distance, fast speed, and high altitude, which makes up for the problems of short multi-rotor endurance, slow speed, and low flight altitude.
FDG33 3kg payload endurance 3 hours electric vtol fixed-wingFDG33 3kg payload endurance 3 hours electric vtol fixed-wing
In terms of surveying and mapping, users are easily limited by various outdoor venues, and the task also requires long flight time and large load requirements. Vertical fixed-wing UAVs have become the best choice. With the rapid development and fierce competition in the industry, the vertical fixed-wing UAVs are gradually subdivided, some are developing towards portability and compactness, some are developing towards the aspect of large load and long battery life, and some are developing into one drone. Features such as multi-purpose. For example, vertical fixed-wing UAVs are often used for tasks such as geographical mapping and power inspection in mountainous areas.

With the widespread use and verification of vertical fixed-wing UAVs, it can better compensate for rotary-wing UAVs in the fields of aerial photography mapping, power line patrol, disaster prevention and mitigation, geological survey, urban emergency surveillance, aerial photography aerial survey, and rapid transportation. And the shortage of fixed-wing UAVs in flight time and take-off and landing points. The increase in the use of drones has stimulated the demand for industry talent.

FDG35 payload lidar for power line inspection