The police drone market will usher in new opportunities

Police drone

With the continuous development of flight control, navigation, communication and other technologies, the UAV industry has ushered in the opportunity of rapid rise. UAVs have the advantages of easy operation, high flexibility and low cost. More and more different types and applications Drones have begun to appear frequently in our production and life. That includes police drones.

As an intelligent product specially designed to assist various types of police work, police drones have attracted widespread attention in recent years. Because it can effectively avoid casualties and improve the efficiency and quality of task completion during mission execution, it has gradually become a new police resource. In the future, with the gradual improvement of application shortcomings, police drones are expected to usher in mature development.

The initial application and development of drones were mainly concentrated in the military, but with the opening of the consumer and industrial markets, the police field has also ushered in the landing of drones. Over the years, with the deepening of the recognition of police departments around the world and the acceleration of research and development of drone companies, police drone products have begun to emerge, and the market growth rate has also continued to accelerate. The development has gradually entered the stage of development.

In 2008, as one of the security tools for the Beijing Olympics, police drones officially appeared in people's field of vision for the first time. Due to its important auxiliary role in police work, the Chinese police department has accelerated the purchase and application of police drones, and by 2020, more than 100,000 drones have been purchased.
Police drone

Multifunctional Application Of Police drone

In traditional police work scenarios, whether helicopters or manpower are used, they are inevitably restricted by various obstacles such as geography and information, while the use of drones can play the role of "low cost, easy operation, high flexibility, and strong maneuverability". The advantage is that while ensuring the efficient and high-quality completion of police work, it saves police resources and ensures the safety of police officers.

At present, 26 police departments in China have officially incorporated police drones into the police force, and the development of police drones has achieved certain results. In the future, with the continuous development of the market, police drones will usher in the mature development of large-scale and commercialization.

Police drones are not only widely used in tasks such as daily patrols, search and tracking, but also are widely used in handling emergencies, traffic management, large-scale security, investigation and pursuit, anti-drug eradication, fire rescue and many other aspects. As a powerful "assistant" around the police, it plays an increasingly important role of assistance or even a vanguard.

All in all, the use of drones in policing is broad and meaningful. The features of multi-function and multiple advantages make UAVs have good auxiliary working characteristics. It is imperative to promote the popularization and application of police UAVs in the future!


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