How to maintain for drone?

As a relatively sophisticated electronic and mechanical equipment, in addition to normal use, in order to ensure its normal flight and service life, in addition to ensuring normal operation and use according to specifications, it is also necessary to maintain the drone frequently. we will explain to you some problems that need to be paid attention to during daily use and maintenance methods after use.

keep clean and dry

As a sophisticated electronic device, the drone needs to be kept dry and clean. Although the drone is not damaged when it gets wet, if it is not handled in time after it gets wet or wet, it will cause damage to the electronic components and make no one. aircraft malfunction and reduce the service life of the drone. If the drone is damp or wet during use, after use, power off the drone and dry it, then put it in a moisture-proof box to absorb moisture, and make sure that the moisture is removed before use. In addition, dust has a great impact on drones, especially precision equipment such as motors, so try to avoid taking off from sand and gravel ground, and dust and clean the drone after each use.

Battery Care

drone battery

If the battery of the drone is bulging, stop using it immediately. Some drones have a protective case for the battery. If the installation is not smooth during the battery installation process, it may be that the battery bulge has squeezed the protective case out of shape. In addition, under normal circumstances, the drone battery is used twice a week, and the battery will not be durable and aging for up to one year. And in the process of using the drone, you should also pay attention to the impact of the external temperature on the battery. If you use it in a low temperature area, you should do a good job of "warming up" and "warming up" the battery to avoid a rapid rise in voltage.

Propeller Maintenance

drone propeller

Ultra light carbon fiber propeller for VTOL UAV 22.3*6.7

Although UAV propellers are not as fragile as batteries, they also require frequent maintenance. While crashes resulting in blades breaking during normal use are rare, bumping into obstacles due to visual errors or handling is a common occurrence. If there is a collision with an obstacle, special attention should be paid to whether there are cracks or gaps in the blades that affect the flight stability of the drone. If the damage of the propeller is serious, it needs to be replaced with a new propeller blade.

Motor maintenance

T motor U15 drone motor

In addition to the propeller, the motor that has the greatest impact on the flight stability of the drone is the motor. If the drone rolls for no reason or fails to land smoothly when hovering, there may be a problem with the motor. You can try to recalibrate the fuselage before taking off. If this problem still occurs, you need to send it to the factory for maintenance in time to avoid the motor stalling and causing the drone to lose control or crash.