Ukraine orders Vector VTOL drones from Quantum-Systems

Vector VTOL drones

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense selected the Vector UAV from Quantum-Systems. Funding for military support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces comes from German funding for security capacity building.

Munich-based drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems has received an order for reconnaissance drones from Ukraine. Some of the ordered drones are already in use in Ukraine. The delivery of most of the ordered quantities is still in the preparation and processing stage and will take place after the training of the Ukrainian army and drone pilots.


Max. Take-off Weight: 7.4 kg | 16.3 lb
Max. Flight Time Up to 120 minutes
Command and Control Range 15+ km (handheld unit); 25+ km (sector antennas)
Payload HD40-LV EO/IR & NightHawk2-UZ EO/IR
Cruise Speed 15 – 25 m/s | 29 – 39 kn
Wind Resistance max. 12 m/s | 23 kn
Wingspan 2.80 m | 9.2 ft
Transport Case Dimension 0.85 x 0.47 x .028 m

FDG33 VTOL UAV 3 KGS payload for surveillance

FDG33 VTOL UAVSpecifications:

MTOW: 15.65kg
Weight without battery and payload: 8.81kg
Wingspan: 3,378mm
Length: 1,500mm
Height: 500mm
Battery weight (Tattu 2*6S 25000mAh): 5.12kg
Suggested max payload weight : 3kg
Endurance :  3 hours (3kg payload) )
Cruise speed : 75-90km/h
Max speed : 110km/h
Max ascend speed : 4m/s
Max descend speed : 5m/s
Anti-wind capability : 43.2km/h
Minimum circle radius : 100meter
Operating Altitude(Max.) : 4,000m ASL