VTOL drone kit for sale

The VTOL drone kit is a variety of accessories that make up the whole drone. These kits usually include motors, propellers, flight controllers and other electronic equipment. Of course, the definitions of drone kits are different in different countries. For example, in the Chinese market, drone kits are usually called drone fuselages, which do not include motors. , paddles, batteries and other electronic equipment.

There are many different VTOL drone kits on the market, from those suitable for beginners to more advanced kits for experienced builders. When choosing a VTOL drone kit, be sure to consider your skill level as well as your budget and usage. Feilong UAV company provides a variety of different VTOL drone kits. There are foem material drone kits, and carbon fiber composite materials are not available. Man-machine kit and Kevlar drone kit.

Kevlar VTOL drone kit

FLY-220  Kevlar VTOL is a has a Monoplane VTOL has 2200mm wingspan. The drone frame is made of kevlar material, which makes the VTOL more lighter and stronger than firber. Simpler structure makes it easy to assemble and disassemble in the field.

Wingspan: 2200MM
Length: 800MM
Endurance:90 Minutes
KIT Weight: 2KGS
Max takeoff weight:9KGS
Max Payload: 2KGS
Motor: AT4120 KV500
Propeller: 15*8
Battery: 2 units of 22000 mAh Lipo battery
Frame material: Kevlar or fiberglass