What are the advantages of fire drones?

Hercules FDT100 drone for fire fighting

With the warming of global temperature, the task of forest fire prevention is becoming more and more serious, and the fire departments of various countries are facing a complex situation of fire fighting and rescue and social assistance. Traditional on-site investigation methods are outdated and can no longer meet the needs of fire rescue. The emergence of drone technology provides fire rescue services. With great help, UAVs can carry different mission loads to perform monitoring functions in forest area patrols, satellite hot spot reconnaissance, fire field reconnaissance, etc., and provide assistance for commanding secondary schools to designate rescue plans. Compared with traditional fire fighting methods, fire drones have the following advantages:

Hercules FDT100 fire fighting drone

1. Mobility and flexibility

Fire-fighting drones generally weigh less than 100 kilograms, and can be controlled by relying on flight controls. Since it is not restricted by traffic routes, it can replenish fire-fighting ammunition and deliver rescue materials in a timely manner when the battery life is satisfied, so as to provide reliable information for the commander. In addition, the equipment carried by the fire-fighting drone can be adjusted according to the needs, such as carrying out a special task and carrying the required equipment in a targeted manner. When performing multiple tasks, the onboard equipment will be integrated, and the tasks can be performed at the same time;

2. Comprehensive vision

Fire-fighting drones take a global shot of the target at high altitude, which can provide a "panoramic view" of the ground situation. At the same time, it can achieve over-the-horizon control through broadband and data link technology. Work under different light conditions to transmit fire information more accurately;

3. Low cost

The manufacturing cost of the fire-fighting drone itself is cheaper than other fire-fighting equipment. At the same time, the process of personnel boarding and boarding is cancelled, and the direct operation reduces the time cost.
Hercules FDT100 fire fighting drone

4. Simple operation

The firefighting drone is simple to operate, and only 1-2 people are needed to complete the firefighting task. The pilot who controls the firefighting drone should obtain a "drone driver's license" recognized by law.

5. Safe and reliable

Operators can perform tasks remotely or programmatically, effectively avoiding the shortcomings of traditional fire fighting and rescue operations, ensuring the safety of fire officers and soldiers, improving the safety factor, and reducing the frequency of secondary accidents; the participation of fire drones in forest fire fighting solves the problem of ground fire The patrol cannot take into account the problem of forest fires in remote areas, as well as the accurate grasp and timely understanding of various dynamic information at the scene of major forest fires. As a powerful supplement to the existing forestry monitoring methods, fire-fighting drones show the incomparable advantages of other means. With the continuous development of drone technology, fire-fighting drones will definitely play an important role in forest aviation firefighting. , and has broad application prospects in the field of fire rescue in the future.

Hercules FDT100  coaxial octocopter is a multipurpose & heavy lift drone with max 70kg payload and 60min endurance (10kg payload), which is an ideal drone for firefighting or logistics transportation etc. The high-strength carbon fiber integrated die opening body gives the whole machine lighter and stronger excellent properties. Detachable machine arm, effectively saving transportation space.Pluggable battery, effectively saving time.Convenient and fast installation and disassembly, improve work efficiency.


Product material: Carbon fiber + aviation aluminum
Maximum takeoff mass: 140 kg
Number of rotors: 4-axis 8-propeller
Positioning system: RTK
Maximum load: 70 kg
Endurance: 60 minutes with 10KGS payload
Maximum flight speed: ≤ 25 m/s
Unfold size: 1587 x 1514 x 891 mm
Dynamic system: FOC efficient power system
Folding size: 8880 x 760 x 540 mm
Power battery: 16s 73000mAh *2