What role can drones play for flood rescue?

drones for flood relief rescue

In flood disasters, drones have the advantage of being fast, accurate, and all-weather. Play a huge role in flood rescue. The drone can transmit high-definition pictures and videos of the disaster scene back to the command center. If a person is trapped, the drone can carry out search and positioning by carrying rescue equipment, and with equipment with night vision function, it can achieve all-weather rescue, and can also accurately deliver materials to the trapped person.

Air patrol

Air patrol in flood rescue

The UAV is equipped with ultra-clear pan-tilt cameras and infrared thermal imaging cameras for target monitoring, early warning and tracking in all weather and in all climates, and can realize real-time solution and positioning of long-distance targets and coordinates, and can quickly travel through mountainous areas, rivers, etc. In serious situations where personnel are difficult to enter and exit, the on-site audio, video and related data information will be quickly transmitted to the flood control command center in conjunction with the satellite communication system to track the development of the incident for the flood control command center to make judgments and decisions.

Collaborative search and rescue

drone Collaborative search and rescue in flood

Drones are not limited by ground and underwater obstacles, reducing the risk of distress in the search for a dinghy. In rescue, for places where manpower cannot immediately reach the rescue, drones can be used to carry life-saving equipment or disaster relief materials for visual delivery, and images can be sent back to the headquarters in real time to achieve accurate emergency rescue materials or rescue equipment. Drop in to gain time for the trapped people to wait for rescue. In the process of search and rescue calls, once trapped people are found, they can be guided and appeased through the microphone, so as to improve the survival belief of the trapped people, guide them to make correct actions to cooperate with the rescue, and improve the success rate and efficiency of rescue. If other emergencies are found, the ground can also be warned.

Emergency lighting

drone emergency lighting in flood

When using drones to search and rescue trapped people at night, searchlights can also be used to guide rescuers and provide auxiliary lighting, which is not limited by terrain and provides mobile light sources; when dangers such as pipe swells and embankments are found at night, temporary construction of transmission lines Low efficiency, special areas are limited by terrain, and ground light sources are limited. UAVs can be used to drone lighting equipment to provide high-altitude emergency light sources for rescue workers.

Throw goods

drone throw good in flood

When the rescue team cannot reach the position of the trapped person immediately for rescue, use drone Lifebuoy delivery rope dropping system to quickly and accurately drop the rescue materials into the hands of the trapped person, improve the survival probability of the trapped person, and strive for rescue. more time.