What is drone lidar module?

A LiDAR module for a drone is a sophisticated sensor that uses laser pulses to measure distances, creating high-resolution 3D maps or collecting spatial data. It's often used in various industries like agriculture, construction, surveying, and environmental monitoring. These modules typically include laser emitters and sensors that measure the time it takes for the laser pulses to bounce back from objects, allowing the drone to create detailed maps of the surrounding area. They enable precise measurements of distances, terrain elevation, and object detection, aiding in tasks like crop monitoring, building inspections, and land surveying. Some popular LiDAR modules for drones include Velodyne, Livox, and RIEGL, each with its own specifications and use cases.

FDG-130X lidar system with 26M camera for drone mapping

drone lidar module

FDG-130X drone lidar system integrates 26M camera and 32-line mechanical laser, dual echoes, good penetration, high operating efficiency, small size, light weight, perfect fit for various mainstream drones on the market, 360 field of view It can meet both airborne and vehicle-mounted use, and is widely used in terrain mapping, power channel inspection, digital city and other industries.

System parameters

Point cloud accuracy: 10cm@100m
Point cloud density: 64pts/m²@100m@10m/s
Equipment weight: 1.3Kg Product size: 14.2cm*10.9cm*12cm
System power consumption: 20W
Storage space: Internal flash memory 64G+128G SD card
Power Range: 12-24V
Working temperature: -20℃-55℃
Platform: Airborne, Vehicle

POS performance indicators

Model: gSpin210
Data update frequency: 200Hz
GNSS signal type: GPS L1/L2; GLO L1/L2; GAL E1/E5b; BDS B1/B3/B2a
Positioning accuracy: horizontal 0.02m, elevation 0.03m
Pitch angle accuracy: 0.015°
Roll angle accuracy: 0.015°
Heading angle accuracy: 0.040°

Laser performance index

Measuring range: 80m@10% reflectivity, the maximum measuring range is 120m
Ranging accuracy: ±2cm
Number of lines: 32 lines
Horizontal field of view: 360°
Vertical field of view: 31°
Dot frequency: 1.28 million dots/second (dual echo)


Pixels: 26 million
Field of view: 83°

Shooting Mode: Isochronous/Isometric

FDG-130X lidar system with 26M camera for drone mapping

 drone lidar system

 drone lidar system

 drone lidar system