Singapore's hydrogen fuel battery HES allows drones to fly for 6 hours

Hydrogen fuel battery drone

Skyblade 360 powered by solid-state hydrogen fuel cells was launched under the joint efforts of Singapore-based energy power systems company HES Energy Systems, aerospace manufacturing company ST Aerospace, experimental research institution DSO National Laboratories, and the Singapore Ministry of Defence's Future Systems and Technology Agency. The drone successfully flew 300 kilometers for 6 hours in a row.

The Skyblade 360 drone is developed by ST Aerospace, and the fuel cell system is jointly manufactured by HES and DSO. Unlike the general hydrogen fuel cell, the system does not store compressed gas, but solid chemical substances whose mass Lighter than traditional lithium batteries, and highly compressed, the energy density reaches 1000Wh/L.

The fuel cells developed by HES have been successively adopted by many drone manufacturers around the world. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of technology, the weight of hydrogen that the HES hydrogen fuel cell system can store has reached 7% of the system's own weight, and the fuel utilization rate is close to 90%.
HES Hydrogen fuel battery
In fact, there are several solid substances that can be used as hydrogen fuel, but most of them cannot meet the existing demand in terms of utilization rate or extraction method. In order to develop a suitable hydrogen fuel system, HES technicians have spent years of hard work and made various attempts, such as the use of expensive sodium borohydride. But sodium borohydride-based fuel systems are complex, fragile, and inconvenient for end-users to operate.

HES has a target cost of $10 per hour of flight for the solid-state hydrogen fuel cell system.

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