FlyDragons drone sprayer capacity from 5L to 72L

The capacity of a drone sprayer can vary depending on the specific model and type of drone being used. Generally, drone sprayers can have a capacity ranging from a few liters to several hundred liters.

Smaller drone sprayers, often used for hobby or small-scale agriculture, typically have a capacity of around 2-10 liters. These drones are designed for use on smaller plots of land, such as backyard gardens or small farms.

Larger, professional-grade drone sprayers, on the other hand, can have a capacity of up to several hundred liters. These drones are often used for commercial agriculture, such as spraying large fields of crops. The specific capacity of a drone sprayer will depend on factors such as the size of the drone, the size of the spray tank, and the weight the drone can carry.

FlyDragon drone sprayer capacity from 5L to 72L, including electric and hybrid drone sprayer

1.FZ50 Agriculture Spraying Drone Capacity 50L

The FZ50 drone sprayer adopts new truss structure with better strength and durability. Z-shaped folding structure makes it small in folded size, easy to transport. he flight controller system adopts group modular design, convenient to install without cumbersome wiring.With ultrasonic flow-meter, high precision weighing module and other parts,you can get the real-time disply of remaining liquid information.  Original creation of water-cooled centrifugal nozzle effectively reduce the working temperature, extend the working life. The waterproof level of the whole drone reaches IP67, the FZ50 can be widely used in various fields.

FZ50 50L Heavy Payload Agriculture Spraying Drone

2. FD-H620L Hybrid crop spot drone sprayer 20L Capacity

Hybrid crop spraying drone is features a gasoline + electric power system with great flight times and easy maintenance! This hybrid drone for crop spraying is portable thanks to folding arms and the modular design. The FD-H620L crop dusting UAV can be used for any spraying missions – use it for agricultural, solar panel cleaning, roof spraying and anything else where a spraying drone would save you time and money! The FH620L crop sprayer Hybrid is perfect for customers who don’t want to deal with battery charging or storage. This spraying UAV is also a great candidate for extreme cold or hot climates where drone batteries suffer.

Using drones for agriculture increases the precision and efficiency with which farmers can work, and makes it easier to make informed land management decisions. Drones can be deployed for a wide variety of tasks, including monitoring of livestock and the health of crops, estimation of soil conditions, planting of future crops, and countering infections and pests.

This powerful propulsion system allows the UAV to carry up to 20 litres of liquid in total (including the fertilizer), with a maximum takeoff weight of 65 kg. The drone can therefore operate for longer and cover more farmland in a single flight, without the need for farmers to take heavy batteries out into the field.

FD-H620L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture