Parker LORD Dual Antenna and RTK System Improves UAV Positioning Accuracy 100X

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) | LORD Sensing Systems

Parker LORD of Microstrain Sensing has released a white paper highlighting four evolutionary improvements of the new 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS. Building on the success of 3DMGX5-GNSS/INS, 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS addresses common challenges in specific use cases. Field Applications Engineer Ian Moore discusses the following 4 test reports:

Test 1: Dual Antenna Fixed Heading
Test 2: Anti-magnetic interference ability
Test 3: Dual Antenna + RTK vs Single Antenna
Test 4: Wheel odometers help during GNSS decay Test 3 looks specifically at dual antenna + RTK vs single antenna

When used in conjunction with 3DMRTK and SensorCloudRTK, the GQ7 improves location accuracy by 100x by delivering 1cm + 1ppm location accuracy in most major urban areas, and coverage has been expanding.

Target applications include:
High positioning accuracy (2 - 100cm)
Apps that take advantage of public roads and sidewalks
delivery drone
city robot
autonomous vehicle
Legged Robot

unmanned aerial system

30-200 KM Video & Data and telemetry data link

30km-200km drone data and video telemetry

Flydragon long-distance image, data transmission, and remote control integrated data link products provide highly reliable communication connections for industrial-grade unmanned systems.  has strong anti-interference performance, stable signal, rich interface types, supply30-200KM link custom made.,

The Flydragon-SDI data link has a built-in industrial-grade high-performance H.264 image encoder, supports SDI interface video input, realizes three-in-one image transmission, data transmission, and remote control. The ground end outputs a video stream through a network interface and uses computer software to decode The decoding software has local storage and forwarding functions. The end-to-end image delay is at least 250ms.

Working in L, S band
Broadband transmission, air rate 10Mbps
Communication link establishment/recovery time is less than 10ms
Reliable communication and strong anti-interference ability
Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no interference to GPS, pod and gimbal
Transmission distances of 3, 5, 10, 20, 40 kilometers and more than 50 kilometers can be selected (under visual conditions)
With 1 1080P60 SDI HD image, 4 digital transmission, 2 remote control interface
1 independent PWM channel output on the airborne end, can be used for signal control such as drop and lighting
The ground side adopts software decoding, and the decoding software has local storage and forwarding functions
Optimized transmission of 1080P high-definition video stream with minimum end-to-end delay of 250ms
Can realize point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay networking applications
Cold start time 5 seconds.

typical application
When users choose SDI interface pods, they need to choose Flydragon-SDI data link radio. InfoFly-SDI has a built-in high-performance industrial-grade SDI interface encoder that outputs H.264 code stream.

drone telemetry