Police drone smoke and tear gas launcher system

The basic purpose of smoke bombs and tear gas bombs is to create visual barriers to the enemy, which is very helpful for attacking the enemy or defense. However, in many special environments, the target area cannot be accurately thrown, causing delays.

Therefore, the drone smoke menu and tear gas launcher system were designed. The common DJI M300 drones and DJI M600 drones on the market can be adapted, lightweight, quick release design, 4 launchers, It is widely used in the police field.

During the flight of the UAV in the air, the remote control is used to control the drop and drop to realize the fixed-point and high-altitude drop from the command position.

The UAV smoke bomb tear gas launcher system can be used for public safety, law enforcement, police use, counter-terrorism, combat, coverage, and evacuation.

FD1200 hexacopter drone with tear gas launcher system  for Policement

hexacopter drone frame for 5KGS payload 65 minutes endurance

FlyDragon FD1200 hexacopter drone is design for police drone application

Dimensions: 1200*1200*600mm
Takeoff weight: 10.8kg
Remote control: With screen, 5.5-inch high-definition 1080P display, three-proof body, remote control distance> 5km.
No-load endurance time: ≥65min
Recommended load: ≤5kg
Mount mission endurance: ≥22min
Configuration list: packing box*1, aircraft*1, battery*1, remote control*1, charger*1, tool*1.
Optional: throwing device, megaphone, fire-breathing device, searchlight, etc.
Functions: GPS positioning, one-key return home, low battery return home, real-time flight data return, mission planning route, etc.