The Royal Navy purchases the T-400 multi-rotor UAV with a payload of 200 kg

T-400 T-400 multi-rotor UAV

Maritime Executive" (The Maritime Executive) magazine stated on December 29 that the British Ministry of Defense is procuring the T-400 200 kg payload multi-rotor drone for the Royal Navy to meet the "maritime autonomous heavy lifting capability" demand— —essentially a scaled-up version of a commercial delivery drone.

It requires solutions that are autonomous, unmanned, and able to be controlled beyond the horizon. Ideally, they have replaceable mission payloads and an open architecture, and must be maintainable. The UK Ministry of Defense requires it to be able to "accurately deliver payloads in excess of 200kg or 440lbs"
. The T-400 drone can carry up to 400 pounds of equipment, ammunition, and even transport people in medical emergencies, and has a range of about 12 miles. The Royal Navy has considered using it to drop torpedoes against enemy ships.

The report mentioned that in October this year, the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines tested the small quadrotor T-150 from Malloy Aeronautics, which can carry 60 kilograms within a distance of 40 miles. The military used the drones to deliver ammunition, food and personal items to combat troops during amphibious combat exercises. In addition to tactical trials, the Royal Navy's NavyX and DARE R&D divisions are also working with the company on a heavy-duty drone designed to resupply ships.

G90 big thrust drone motor set for heavy drone build

G90 big thrust drone motor set, is specially design for heavey payload drone, rated thrust is 75kg, max thrust is 165kg, this system use 8.5rmp/v motor, rate power 20kw, use 160A ESC. and CF and epoxy material  72" propeller.

Main parameter

Voltage Range:80~510Vdc
Rated Pull Force:90kg
System Force Effect:6.3g/W
MAX Pull Force:189kg