What's means of quadcopter drone frame?

carbon fiber quadcopter drone frame

A quadcopter drone frame is the structure that provides the foundation for a quadcopter drone. It is typically made up of various components such as arms, motor mounts, and a center plate that holds everything together.

Quadcopter frames can be made from a variety of materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastic. Carbon fiber is a popular choice because it is lightweight and durable, while aluminum is also strong and can withstand more impact. Plastic frames are also available, but they are generally not as sturdy as metal or carbon fiber frames.

When choosing a quadcopter frame, it is important to consider factors such as the size and weight of the drone, the type of flight you plan to do, and the environment in which you will be flying. Frames come in various sizes, from small ones for indoor flying to larger ones for outdoor use. A larger frame will be able to carry more weight, such as a heavier camera or battery, but may not be as maneuverable.

It is also important to consider the configuration of the quadcopter frame. Quadcopters have four arms, but they can be arranged in different configurations, such as H-frame, X-frame, and Y-frame. Each configuration has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of stability, agility, and ease of maintenance.

Ultimately, the choice of quadcopter frame will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is important to do your research and choose a frame that is compatible with your drone components and will provide the stability and performance you require.

FD4100 six axis carbon fiber quadcopter drone Frame

FD4100 quadcopter drone frame is a long flight time six axis carbon fiber drone Frame , FD4100 is made of carbon fiber material which features light weight and high strength, the canopy of FD4100 is made of glass fiber so that the GPS signal won’t be blocked. The closed fuselage structure can protect FD4100 from the rain and dust, and also protect other load equipments like flight control and battery. The arm of FD4100 is pluggable, both the cover and arms can be locked with the quick locking hooks. Due to its detachable arm the FD4100 drone Frame is also easy to carry.
FD4100 can be applied in many fields like aerial photography, emergency rescue, reconnaissance mission, power line inspection, remote sensing survey and mapping etc.


– Wheelbase:1200mm
– Weight: 1750g(frame only)
– Max payload: 6kg
– Flight time:  70min (2 pieces of 25000 mAh li battery,   without any payload)

drone Frame Features:

– TORAY 3K Carbon fiber material
– Light-weight, durable and stable
– Rainrproof
– Long flight time
– Detachable arm, easily portable


– Motor: T-MOTOR 6 series , DJI2000
– Propeller: 22 inch