The guide of agriculture drone manufactures in China

Agricultural drones have grown in popularity in China in recent years as the country seeks to modernize its agriculture and improve efficiency. These drones can be used for a variety of tasks such as crop monitoring, irrigation, fertilization and pest control.

Chinese companies such as DJI, Jifei, and Mitsubishi are the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural drones. DJI's Agras MG-1S is a popular model that can carry up to 10kg of liquid or granular insecticide, fertilizer or herbicide and cover up to 10 acres an hour. XAG's P-Series can spray up to 200 acres per day and operate in all weather conditions. MMC’s AgDrone is another popular model that can carry payloads of up to 15kg and cover areas of up to 30ha per hour.

FlyDragon is a new force of Chinese drones. FlyDragon was established in 2008 and is mainly engaged in the field of agricultural drones, multi-rotor drones and vertical fixed-wing drones. The hybrid agricultural drone FD-H620 developed by FlyDragon uses 6KW generator Using 95# gasoline, FD-H620 can spray up to 320 acres per day.

FD-H620L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture

FD-H620L Hybrid crop spot spraying agriculture drone


wheelbase: 2028MM
Unfolded size: 2643*2569*885MM
Folded size: 1192*623*885MM
Tank capacity: 20L
Frame weight: 10.85KGS
Frame and spraying weight: 12.5KGS
Frame and motor sets & Hybrid generator weight: 37.5KGS
No-load takeoff weight: 37.5KGS(including 1*14S 10000mAh battery 3.6KGS)
Full load Take-off weight: 65KGS
Nozzle: Ceramic sprinkler head imported from Germany/China
Number os nozzles: 4pcs
Flight Speed: 3-8 Meter /Sec
Spray width: 3-6 Meter /Sec
Max spraying flow: 1.5-3 kg/min. (Max. 4kg/min.)
spaying efficiency: 1-1.5 Acres/Min.
Water Pump Pressure: 0.48mPa
Delivery package size Aluminum Box : 1300*650*900mm  45kg
Transport volume weight: 152kg
The fuselage material Carbon fiber composite
Max flight time (no load): 45min(with 3L fuel)
Max flight time (full load): Continutes working
The tank volume: 20L
Working temperature work: -15°C~45°C
Signal effective range: 2km
Flight Control systems: Boying
Dynamic System: Hobbywing X9 , tube: 40mm
Spraying System: High Pressure Spray
The battery specification: 14S 16000mah*1PCS
work power: 58V(14S)
Charging Time: 0.5-1hour
Recharge Cycles: 200-300 times
Daily efficiency(6hours): 300-500acres
Storage ambient temperature: For less than 3 months: – 20 ° C ~ 45 ° C
For more than 3 months: – 22 ° C ~ 28 ° C
Hover time: No-load flight Time: 45minutes
Full-Load flight time: continue working with fuel added
Standby time of remote control: 8hrs

The use of agricultural drones in China is not without controversy, amid concerns about their safety, privacy and environmental impact. However, the Chinese government has been supportive of their use, even offering subsidies to farmers to encourage them to adopt the technology.