Turkish fire brigade uses drones to fight wildfires

dasal fire fighting drone

A report by Anadolu Agency (AA) said that defense giant Aselsan and DASAL Aerotech are planning to produce firefighting drones for local fire brigades to fight wildfires. The development is divided into a three-stage strategy, and a total of 10 different types of drones are used in the three stages.

The first phase focuses on fire detection and observation drones. Thanks to a special thermal camera on the device, two different drones can detect flames up to 1 square meter (10 square feet), depending on the height to choose, and then share the location with the image transfer to

The second phase will cover six different emergency drones to prevent the spread of fires and perform preventative firefighting. These drones are designed to carry fire tubes and serial fire bombs, multiple fire bombs, wired liquid sprayers, missile launchers containing solid chemical powders or fire suppression gases, or a multipurpose combination, depending on the type and location of the fire.

In the third phase, it is planned to use two different types of UAVs to perform non-proliferation fire suppression and cooling tasks. The drone will carry a variety of preventive materials such as specially adapted fire extinguishing bombs, conventional fire extinguishing bombs, contents, bombs that can be changed as needed.

Due to the modular structure, a UAV can be mounted with multiple devices, which makes the UAV more cost-effective. In addition to the 10 different UAVs designed in these three firefighting stages, four different types of UAVs will also be used Drones for material support, cargo and search and rescue

Onur Güzelmeri, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development at DASAL, told Anadolu Agency that they created a large product range and mission system shortly after founding the company.

Guzelmelice also explained the advantages of having a sensor-equipped fire-fighting bomb on the drone. "When current incendiary bombs reach the center of a fire, they can be rendered ineffective by the heat. We use sensors and cameras to calculate the height of vehicles from the ground, the height of trees and flames. For example, if the height is 20 meters, we It can be detonated at 23 meters and cut off the air, which is similar to an umbrella-like fire suppression system. This creates a cooling and fire protection effect in the area for five minutes, saving firefighters and other primary firefighting personnel a lot of time."