Brainstorming among multinational UAV industrial designers at XAIRCRAFT

As a part of XAAC, an industrial design salon was held on 9th February 2015 at Research & Development Centre, XAIRCRAFT. 

UAV designers from different continents and XAIRCRAFT’s own industrial design team have gathered at XAIRCRAFT’s headquarter for the purpose of creating new inspirations. They discussed with the use of new materials, appearances, new commercial UAV functions, constructions and safety considerations for XAIRCRAFT’s next generation UAV system. At the same time, the designers came up with lots of new UAV designing concepts.

XAIRCRAFT’s product design manager said, the most important step in developing a new commercial UAV system is precision. We need technological knowledge, experience, and ability to intergrade original ideas into practical applications. 

Being the world’s leading commercial UAV company, XAIRCRAFT has huge advancement in UAV industrial design and technological innovation. The Head of XAIRCRAFT said, XAIRCRAFT devotes to leading technology advancement in commercial UAV industry while they regard the independent innovation as the core element of the industrial design sector.

For the future, XAIRCRAFT will continue to utilize their strengths in accumulating experiences in commercial UAV industry. XAIRCRAFT determines to develop new material application, improve technology and promote commercial UAV industry to a new era.  

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