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  • Individual portable power supplier
Individual portable power supplierIndividual portable power supplier

Individual portable power supplier

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Product specifications: 25W
Daily output energy: 600Wh
Rated power: 25W
Output voltage: 12V
System weight: 2.5 Kg
Volume mm (length × width × height): 171 × 94 × 252
Life: 5000h
Product specifications: 50W
Daily output energy: 1200Wh
Rated power: 50W
Output voltage: 14V—30V
System weight: 5.0 Kg
Volume mm (length × width × height): 311 × 205 × 115
Life: 5000h
Product specifications: 200W
Daily output energy: 4800Wh
Rated power: 200W
Output voltage: 14V—30V
System weight: 22.5 Kg
Volume mm (length × width × height): 770 × 270 × 414
Life: 5000h

1. Uninterrupted power supply. As long as the fuel is continuously replenished, the power supply can be continuously supplied, and the life-cycle power supply of the equipment is guaranteed.
2, low heat and low noise, silent power generation. The surface temperature is about 35 °C, which meets the noise control requirements of SJ 20134-92 military electronic equipment, and the infrared characteristic signal is low and concealed.
3. Adapt to extreme environments. It can maintain rated power output at 4000 meters high altitude; it can work normally at -40 °C low temperature environment.
4. Low cost of use. Methanol fuel has a wide source, low price and convenient storage and transportation.
5. Environmentally friendly. Power generation produces only water and a small amount of carbon dioxide, and the decommissioned products are 100% recycled without environmental pollution.
Based on the many advantages of methanol fuel cell generators, this technology is called "one of the most ideal power generation technologies in the 21st century". It is a supplement and optimization of the existing battery and oil machine, which can greatly enhance the survivability of field operations.
The company's reserve technology can cover 25W-1200W products. Compared with similar foreign products, it can break through the worldwide problems of extreme environmental applications such as ultra-low temperature and high altitude on the basis of meeting the conventional indicators. Some of the technical achievements have obtained the national natural sciences. Awards, National Defense Technology Invention Awards and many other awards, technical indicators are at the international advanced level.
The company can customize special-purpose products according to the needs, such as individual electronic equipment, military notebook computers, communication command radios, long-endurance drones, border-to-sea unattended monitoring systems, wild surgery tests, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, RVs, yachts, etc. Provide safe and reliable energy solutions.