US firefighters equipped with infrared drones for fire rescue

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Among those called to help put out the fire that day was an off-duty training officer who hurriedly picked up a fire department drone and brought it to the fire. "He thought about bringing drones to the scene, which was invaluable," Dirksen said on the 29th, recalling the fire, which eventually reached an alert level 3.

of. He said the fire proved to be a challenge from the start, and it was difficult for firefighters to gain access to the large building that was on fire (the building contained antiques, many of which may have been lost, the owner said).
Fire departments have been training and using drones for two years, but the Dec. 5 fire was the first time drones have been used so widely, Dirksen said. He said: "Thermal imaging and live video provide a good panoramic overview that we don't normally see from the ground, even from a ladder
not. "

Dirksen also said that thermal imaging from the drone could give investigators clues as to how and where the fire started, but added that the longer it burns, the harder it is to make such a judgment. He said that 25 years ago, handheld thermal imagers were considered the greatest thing in the firefighting world. At that time, each handheld thermal imager cost $25,000. Now it is half the cost of putting the same technology on a drone. cost.

FD4100 six axis carbon fiber drone for fire rescue