Low Altitude Logistics

FAA will allow the collaboration between NASA, Flirtey and Virginia Tech to fly drone to deliver pharmaceuticals to a free medical clinic in West Virginia on 17 July 2015. At the same time, Amazon’s drone delivery test program is back in business in the U.S. after it received a new approval from FAA in April 2015. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) express delivery received much concern in commercial aircraft industry. 


As one the world’s leading commercial UAV manufacturers, XAIRCARFT has been cooperating with one of the top express logistics brands in China to explore UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) application in low-altitude logistics since early 2013. Last year XAIRCRAFT has completed the research, design and manufacture for a reliable and efficient low-altitude unmanned logistics system. Presently, the express logistics partner has been applying routine test flights in Huizhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Taizhou in China with more than 500 test flights a day. 


With huge advancement in research & development and manufacturing techniques, XAIRCRAFT’s logistics UAS is able to operate in all kinds of challenging environment. In order to reduce the potential hazard created when considering human factors, XAIRCRAFT has developed a remote flight dispatch system. Flight commands to the aircraft can now be given directly by the control center. As the control centers are capable to control the aircraft directly, the courier now only needs to place the aircraft with their payload on the launch position, and then confirm the flight information by scanning the parcel. After mission confirmed, the UAV will take off automatically, subsequently the dispatch center informs the courier at the receiving station to prepare for the delivery. This is the working process of XAIRCRAFT’s UAS express delivery. 


The applied process of UAV express delivery is quite different in current reality compared to what others have posted in peoples mind. Today, the use of UAV is to deliver parcel between dispatching centers and receiving stations. After that, couriers in receiving stations will deliver the parcel to the customer’s doorstep. UAV express delivery can effectively save time in urgent logistics delivery during emergencies and increase delivery efficiency in remote areas.  


XAIRCRAFT devotes to the development and deployment of UAV in the logistics domain and further applies UAV technology to cover more remote areas. In the foreseeable future XAIRCRAFT hopes to create a new era in the express logistics industry.