Agriculture Drone frame

  • FDFC20 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Drone Frame
FDFC20 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Drone Frame

FDFC20 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Drone Frame

6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone Autonomous work

Agricultural Spraying Drone FDFC20 20L plant protection machine frame adopts a new design, every detail is for better plant protection services, more efficient, stable and faster. Agriculture drone frame is waterproof and splashing, the front shell is integrally formed to protect the internal electronic components in all directions. The surface material is smooth and beautiful, which is convenient for visually checking the flight direction of the machine. Quick release 20L tank design saves filling time and improves work efficiency. The angular design makes the medicine box stronger and more durable. Enlarged medicine box caliber, 110mm in diameter, can quickly complete the dosing liquid. The left and right arms are designed for oblique embracing and folding. The front and rear arms are folded 90 degrees downwards. The folding coefficient of the whole machine is 0.5. The fixed parts of the folded arms are pre-installed on the frame and can be fixed in place with a slight disassembly, greatly reducing Transition time and transportation space. For quick disassembly of the arm, each arm can be disassembled only by unscrewing the fastening sleeve and then removing the fixing screw. It only takes 5 seconds, which greatly reduces the time and difficulty of arm replacement. Tens of thousands of tests and flight tests ensure the reliability and stability of the arm connection. The center of gravity of the whole drone overlaps with the center of the motor circle and the center of gravity of the water tank. And the center of gravity of the drone will not change with the decrease or increase of the tank liquid. The stable center of gravity of the frame is suitable for various flight controllers, and it also ensures the stability of the whole machine in flight. There is a mounting panel under the front of the drone . On the mounting panel, there are reserved holes for your regular modules and other non-regular modules.  The wiring method is simple and convenient. The sealed cabin is waterproof and dustproof. There are 3 horizontal layers inside, which can freely install different specifications of flight controllers, GPS, ESC, agricultural modules and other modules. The self-designed power distribution board has tens of thousands of tests, which is safe and reliable. It is equipped with many universal interfaces to meet various needs.

Item Brand: ARRIS
Item Model:AH16
Wheelbase: 1630mm
Size:1800 x 1800 x 800mm (unfolded)
970 x 520 x 800mm (Fold)
Tank capacity: 20L
Frame Weight: 8.6kg (tank include)
Outer Diamter of the Arm: 40mm
Outer Diameter of the Landing Skid: 20mm
Battery Voltage: 12S
Battery Connector: AS150U
Suggested Battery: 22000mah
Nozzles for installation: 0-8 pcs
Max take-off Weight: 44kg

Recommended Components:
Power System: DJI E7000 Advance,ARRIS A40, X9
Flight Controller: DJI N3-AG, A3-AG, Topgun T1-A, JIYI K3A Pro, JIYI k++, PIX
Battery: 12S 22000mAh

Spray Data:
With 12S 22000mAh battery, , it flies in a full tank, and after spraying is complete, the battery level is about 30% and the flight time is 7 minutes. (* Determined by the flow rate of the mounted nozzle and pump)

Frame Kit Included:
ARRIS AH20 6 Axis 20L uav agriculture Drone Frame Kit x 1
20L Water Tank x 1

Note: To make a complete drone, besides the frame kit, you still need the spraying system (nozzle, pump, tube and connectors), power system (motor/esc/propeller, flight controller, radio)  and battery. Those parts need to purchase  it separately.

Agricultural Spraying Drone