3 Best Drone Frame For Sale

What is drone frame

A "drone frame" refers to the carrier platform of the drone. All equipment is carried by the rack to fly to the sky. Therefore, the quality of the drone's rack determines the drone to a large extent. Works well. To measure the quality of a rack, you can examine it from the aspects of ruggedness, ease of use, and reasonable component installation.

The common drone frame are multi-rotor, fixed-wing, helicopter, and vertical take-off and landing drone frame, now I will recommand 3 best drone frames for multi-rotor, fixed-wing and landing

1.Best drone frame for multi-rotor_FLYD-100 $860.00

FLYD-100 is a best drone frame Flight platform for customize industrial Specially designed  for industry applications.  with modular design concept, the main components can  be quickly disassembled and assembled, flexible and  multi-purpose, convenient for customized demand expansion, and the whole frame adopts dumb black coating, which shows  processional stability widely used  for aerial filming, surveying, mapping etc.


Wheelbase: 1000MM?? Height: 500MM
Frame Weight: 3.5KGS
Supply voltage: 6S
Motor: U8 KV150
Propeller: 28 inch propeller
Battery: 1 units 16000 mAh 22.2V?
Payload: 1-5KGS
Endurance: 50 minutes(without payload)

2.Best drone frame for fixed-wing_MQ9 $1,380.00

MQ-9 is a best drone frame for an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations.

MQ9 is a large aeroplane fixed-wing drone that can carry 800g for half an hour and can be used for aerial photography and mapping。
1. Wingspan: 3M
2. Length: 1.56M
3. Material: FRP body Light wood wing
4. Takeoff weight: 5.1KG
5. Empty weight 3.2kg
6. Steering gear: aileron *2pcs, flap: 2pcs, lifting: 2pcs, front landing gear: 1pc all using 19g steering gear
7. Wing area: 64dm2 The width of the wing is 27cm and the narrowest is 14cm.

Recommended configuration:

Power System: EA4130-KV450 brushless motor wiht 17*8 propeller, 100A ESC and 6S 10000-20000mah battery
or 20-30CC Gasoline Engine with 18*6 propeller
Servo: 17g metal gear servo*4pcs and 9g metal gear servo*4
Packing:1 piece per carton, Carton size: 1632*310*335mm, Gross weight: 9.4kgs

3.Best drone frame for vertical take-off and landing-Baby shark  250 $1,380.00

Baby shark 250 VTOL is a best drone frames of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) that can hover, take off, and land vertically, not need runway, light weight, can carry 1 kg, endurance is 2.5 hours,

Used for monitor, inspection, survey, photography, mapping etc.

Baby shark 250 is our hot sale drone frame, Loved by the majority of end-users of aerial photography, mapping, and surveillance, users in more than 20 countries have purchased this best drone frame.


KIT frame material: carbon fiber Composites
Wingspan: 2.5m
Frame Weight: 2.68kg
Total Weight: 5.5kg(without battery)
Max Take-off Weight: 12kg
Max Payload: 6.5kg(including battery)
Max Flight Time: 2.5 hours
Max Speed: 100km/h

Recommended Set-up:

Autopilot: V5 plus  1
T-motor MN505 KV260 4
T-motor FLAME 60A ESC 4
1655 MARKII Matte Carbon Fiber Propeller CW&CCW 4
T-motor AT4120 KV500 1
Hobbywing 120A ESC 1
15×8 Wooden Propeller CW 1
X10 Mini Servo 4

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