Agricultural drone can work for any farm terrain

agriculture drone for farm

Agricultural drone play a big role in farms, and more and more farmers are using planes or drones to spray crops. Of course, if your budget is limited, you don't need to buy a complete drone, you can buy the drone frame, motor, propellers, flight control and other electronic equipment to assemble the drone yourself.

The FlyDragon aviation drone will spray fungicides and spread cover crop seeds. Some people may say that the effect of spraying drones on plain crops is not very obvious, but what if it is in the hilly area? For example, in a tea garden, if it is sprayed manually at this time, the efficiency is very low. UAVs equipped with terrain following radars can easily do the job.

Depending on the model, the drone is large enough to carry a 3- to 8-gallon medicine chest or up to 70 pounds of pelleted product or cover crop seeds.

Usually, the flying height of agricultural drones is set at about 3 meters above the crops, which can ensure that the pesticides scatter less and obtain the largest spraying range. Flying Dragon 16L electric UAV operating efficiency is 65-80 per day

If you don't want the hassle and have enough budget, buy a complete drone, you can spend less than $6,000. get a electric agrthe FlyDragon drone is is $6,000.