BST UAV company Launched fixed wing mapping drone for water managment

fixed wing mapping drone

This year,  Colorado-based Boulder Black Swift Technologies (BST) released a BST UAV company Launched fixed wing mapping drone for water managment with Soil Moisture Sensor, equipped with a new soil moisture sensor that provides high-resolution images for soil moisture analysis content, which will transform agricultural water management and the speed of emergency response

Drones are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to manage water resources

Currently, most organizations use satellite technology to monitor droughts, predict floods and help increase crop productivity. But satellites are susceptible to weather and low image resolution, and there are data accuracy gaps, especially at depths below the surface.

BST's solution changes that. Modular Architecture The UAS platform design incorporates an airborne passive microwave radiometer with high revisit frequency. This provides timely and accurate insights into the dynamics of soil drainage and water retention at typical deep roots. The instrument can cover up to 600 acres per flight.

The avionics package includes a networked advanced high-performance autopilot system, an intuitive user interface for flight end-to-end operations planning systems and analysis, and a portable ground station.

The tight integration between all these components enables accurate low-altitude flight in the range of 15m to 30m above the ground, at a depth of 5cm and resolution up to 15m. This enables customers to diagnose problems early and efficiently, save water, improve crop health, and even predict environmental crises such as flash floods and wildfires.

According to the World Resources Institute, water stress will continue to rise in many parts of the world due to increased water use and rising global temperatures. Global temperatures have contributed to dangerous and costly extreme weather events, including flash floods in places like North Texas and Oklahoma and wildfires in Colorado. Data collected from BST's S2/sensor package through soil moisture mapping has provided life-saving alerts and warnings and predicted wildfires in these vulnerable watershed areas.

FDG30 Mako shark fixed wing mapping drone

VTOL UAV 6 hours endurance with 1KG payload for survey & serveillance

FDG30 Mako shark electric long endurance fixed wing mapping drone was developed by FlyDragon Aviation UAV company, droen frame is carbon fiber mamertial, the weight of droen frame is 6KG only, FDG30 endurance is 6 hours with 1kg payload, it's the one of best VTOL for mapping&surveillance on the mraket. FlyDragon supply PNP and drone frame service.