DJI SPARK drone experience report

DJI SPARK drone experience report


The extension of the perspective of the drone is very significant, bringing people from the original 2D plane to the 3D space, creating more gameplay and more possibilities. DJI innovation can be said that in the category of consumer drones, there are no competitors in the world. DJI has a valuation of tens of billions of dollars. DJI's status in the drone industry is absolutely monopolistic.


dji spark Chinese name is "Xiao", which is the latest DJI product and the smallest drone currently released by DJI. The following is a simple analysis of advantages and disadvantages.


1. The small size determines the small capacity of the on-board battery. The entire aircraft is only the size of the Phantom series battery, and the normal flight time is about ten minutes.

2. The small size determines the scale of the airborne electronic module. The key is that the image transmission module will not be too powerful. SPARK uses wifi video transmission, the maximum distance is 2km;

3. Small size, high altitude (I think it is 300m +) wind resistance is inevitably not as good as that of large size UAV.


Since all the disadvantages are caused by the aircraft is too small, there must be a reason for insisting on such a small design. I think that DJI is very targeted after accurately analyzing the needs of ordinary users for drones. Launched SPARK.

Portability is the most important for our ordinary users. The small shoulder bag that comes with SPARK can put down the aircraft, remote control and two other spare batteries, and it is very light.

Flight height and distance. Although SPARK is small and the battery is relatively weak, it is doomed that SPARK is a model that cannot fly high and not far. The aircraft flew into the clouds; at a distance, some people dared to fly the plane beyond 7 kilometers, but this completely beyond-horizon flight had too much uncertainty. Once a signal loss occurred, In case of accidents.

An important feature of SPARK is that it has good playability. It has a lot of gesture control functions. You can control his movements back and forth, left and right, like Wanciwang, or you can use preset fade-out, surround, and follow modes. Take handsome videos without remote control