Drone used to kill mosquitoes

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has procured a drone to search and kill mosquito larvae for preventing spread of vector-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria, a top official said on Thursday.

The drone, christened Vinash, can fly up to a height of 20-storey building and is fitted with a Glob Positioning System.

The drone body will click images of buildings and other spots which are inaccessible to us," said KMC Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh, who launched the hi-tech unmanned vehicle

The drone also has a robotic hand that will collect samples from water and on the ground.

After testing the samples if we find any of these inaccessible areas are breeding grounds of mosquitoes, we will use it to spray insecticides and kill the mosquitoes," said Ghosh.

A container is attached to the drone for storing the pesticides.It also has a hooter that will become operational when the drone sprays the pesticides.

drone sprayer with stronger body used to kill mosquitoes 

1. Foldable frame, easy to transport
2. Intelligent flight with autopilot
3. Intelligent flight memory, record break-point
4. Adjustable spray flow rate
5. Adjustable altitude and fly speed
6. Fail-safe, auto fly when out of control
7. Low voltage warning and auto return to base
8. Empty tank warning and auto return to base
9. Terrain following with MMW radar
10. Software(ground station and manage platform)
11. Obstacles avoidance
12. Double GPS
13. Multi-way charger
14. Intelligent 14000mAh battery

Specification Parameter
Package Size Package Size 770*770*750mm
Net Weight 13.0kg
Gross Weight 21.0kg
Symmetric Motor Wheel Base 1495mm
Length of Single Arm 643mm(Front);623mm(Back)
Overall Dimension 1152*1152*630(Unfold State)

666.4*666.4*630(Fold State)

Motor Type P80
Motor Size 80x20mm
KV Value 100rpm/V
Max Tension 13.5KG
Max Power 2800W
Weight 680g
Motor Electronic Modulation
Rated Operational Current 40A
Operating Voltage 50.4V(12S LiPo)
Highest Sginal Frequency 500Hz
Driving PWM Frequency 20KHz
Highest Control Frequency of Main Wire 2KHz
Collapsible Propeller (30R)
Texture Polymer + Carbon Fiber
Diameter 30 inches
Screw Pitch 10.9 inches
Ordinay Tension / Rotate Speed 4~8kg/2000~2800RPM
Weight 184g
Spray System
Operating Box
Volume 10L
Standard Operation Load 10kg
Volume of Storage Groove 0.37L
Battery Installation Position Size 242*180*135mm
Shower Nozzle
Suggested Type XR11001VS
Number 4个
Max Spray Volume 2000ml/min(Applying XR110001VS shower nozzle, taking water as example)
Spray Swath 3.0~5.5 meters(depending on different objects)
Atomization Grain Size XR11001VS:130 – 250 μm(being related to the spraying preparation type, spraying flow and so forth)
Radar System
Stimulation Radar
Modulation System FMCW
Frequency 24GHz
Protection Level IP65
Height Scope 1~10m
Range Accuracy 0.02m
Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Perception Scope 2~12m
Application Condition The relative altitude of the HAV is 1.5m and the speed is less than 6 m/s.
Security Distance 4m
Obstacle Avoidance Direction Realizing the front and back obstacle avoidance in line with the flying direction
Protection Level IP65
FPV Camera
Visual Angle(FOV) 120°
Resolution Ratio 720P
LED Brightness 1000lux
LED power 8W
Flight Data
Total Weight(not including battery) 11.6kg
Max effective flying weight 27.0kg
Hovering Precision
(GNSS signal good)
Horizontal± 1.0m,Vertical ± 0.5 m
Horizontal ± 10 cm,Vertical± 10 cm(Launching RTK)
Vertical ± 0.1m(Launching radar)
Hovering Time* >10min(Full load)

>20min(No load)

*The hovering time is tested when HAV is near to sea level, the wind speed is less than 3 m/s and the environment temperature is 25℃.
Max Flight Speed 10m/s
Max Flying Altitude 2000m
Recommended Operating Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Remote Control
Type T12-LC-TG
Operating Frequency 2.400-2.4833 GHz
Effective Distance of Signal (No Disturbance and No Resistance) 10km
Battery Voltage 3.7V(Li-On rechargeable)
Battery Capacity 4000 mAh
Weight 560g
Size 225x123x35mm
Support Language Simplified Chinese / English
RTK System
Usage Frequent Point GPS:L1/L2;GLONASS:L1/L2;BDS:B1/B2
Positioning Accuracy Single Point:1.5m
Floating Solution:0.4m
Fixed Solution: Horizontal 1cm±1ppm/ Vertical 2cm±1ppm
Orientation Precision 0.4°
Speed Test Precision 0.03m/s
Communication Frequency Band 840MHz-845MHz
Base Station
Support Mode Base State Mode / Tapper Mode
Duration 8h
Signal Coverage Scope (No Disturbance, No Resistance) 4km
Protection Level IP67
Size 136mm x 89mm
Weight 0.7kg
Input 100V-240V~11A 50/60Hz
Output Power 800Wx2
Channel Number Binary Channels
Support Language Simplified Chinese / English
Size 312 x 228 x 145mm
Weight 3.05KG
Package Size 355 x 260 x 190mm
Voltage 50.4V
Discharge Rate 15C
Protection Level IP64
Battery Life Span 200 circulations
Capacity 14000mAh
Weight 4.15kg
Package Size 295x275mmx320mm(Package includes 2 pieces batteries)
Voltage 50.4V
Discharge Rate 15C
Protection Level IP64
Battery Life Span 200 circulations
Capacity 14000mAh
Weight 5.15kg
Package Size 295mmx275mmx320mm(Package includes 2 pieces batteries)