Fly Dragon launched FD-461 Hybrid drone sprayer

FlyDragon UAV Company launched  a new generation of hybrid drone sprayer FD-416 for precision agriculture.

The performance of FlyDragon's FD-416 hybrid drone is significantly improved compared to electric spraying drone, can fly 35 minutes with 3-liter gas payload 16L tank a time, the endurance  is three times than electric drone sprayer, work efficiency is twice than electric sprayer, but the flight cost is less half of the electric drone sprayer, it's great reduces the flight cost for the farmers, improves the work efficiency, and meets the needs of large-scale.

Hybrid Crop Spraying Drone features a gasoline + electric power system with great flight times and easy maintenance! This hybrid drone for crop spraying is portable thanks to folding arms and the modular design. The FD-416 crop dusting UAV can be used for any spraying missions – use it for agricultural, solar panel cleaning, roof spraying and anything else where a spraying drone would save you time and money! The FD-416 crop sprayer Hybrid is perfect for customers who don’t want to deal with battery charging or storage. This spraying UAV is also a great candidate for extreme cold or hot climates where drone batteries suffer.

Using drones for agriculture increases the precision and efficiency with which farmers can work, and makes it easier to make informed land management decisions. Drones can be deployed for a wide variety of tasks, including monitoring of livestock and the health of crops, estimation of soil conditions, planting of future crops, and countering infections and pests.

This powerful propulsion system allows the UAV to carry up to 16 litres of liquid in total (including the fertilizer), with a maximum takeoff weight of 40 kg. The drone can therefore operate for longer and cover more farmland in a single flight, without the need for farmers to take heavy batteries out into the field.

The FD-416 equipped with a hybrid generator FL6000 is a highly efficient generator specially designed for multi-rotor aircraft. The FL6000 generator is only 7.2kg, which is much lighter than any other generator that produces 600w output power, and the efficiency is five times that of other generators. The continuous output power of the generator is 5000w. The internal combustion engine consumes gasoline and rotates the generator to ensure 44.4V output. With this generator, the maximum take-off weight can reach 49kg (depending on your power system), and the maximum flight time is about 2 hours. The FL6000 generator is suitable for multi-copter helicopters with a power of 7.2kg (including generators, fuel tanks and 3L gasoline) still below 6000w. As for fuel, you can use car gasoline. When the generator is running, its noise level is about 80 dBA. However, if you speak at a distance of 10 meters from the drone, the noise will not have any impact, and in order to maintain the high performance of the FL6000, maintenance is also required. The maintenance interval is 50 hours. We will also provide spare parts for generator maintenance.



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