Fumigation drone to fighting the locusts

Pakistan has been hit by a double invasion by African locusts and Iranian locusts. Pakistani officials said that locusts currently destroy about 35,000 rations every day. If left unchecked, the country will have no food; for this reason, Pakistan has announced that In an emergency, hundreds of aircraft were sprayed chemical to kill the locusts, and one of them crashed in Rahim Yar Khan while it was operating.

Compare to the aircraft, drone to spray is safty, Flydragon launched a new fumigation drone to fighting the locusts


wheelbase 1800mm(mm) 

weight (excluding battery):19.4kg
10010 motor
100kv 6ps
Wind resistance coefficient:Class 6 - 7 winds
propeller:32 inches
Flight Speed:0-10m/s
spray amplitude:6-8m
maximum takeoff weight: 43kg
Effective Load:22kg,
Ground Control System:PC
Electric adjustment:120A
maximum pressure:5MPA
Spraying flow:0.8 5.0L/min adjustable (with pressure cone
Operating efficiency: 3 acres