High building on fire: Using Drones technology in the Fire Service

Drones are likely to be one of the next big changes in the fire service. Drones are best known for their use in the military for intelligence gathering and offensive operations.

There are increasing examples of ways in which UAVs could be used by the fire service. Drones offer a great opportunity to assess information from significant incidents and large-scale events that can provide additional situational awareness to the incident commander. This information-gathering capability can help keep firefighters and other responders from unnecessary danger. While engaged in situational awareness, these devices can be equipped with video cameras to capture video and/or provide a live video feed. UAVs equipped with cameras (video and infrared) can also provide a real-time overview on the spread of wild land fires and the potential harm to firefighters, the public and the surrounding communities.

Now in china FLYDRAGON AVIATION TECH develop a firefighting drone with launcher a bomb to break window and spraying extinguish. The drone have capability to be remotely operated to break the window and spraying the extinguish it where needed to extinguish the fire. Drones be equipped with remote monitoring devices that can be used for detection the distance and fire target.

Dual- Fire extinguishing drone

1.30x optical zoom camera with night vision targeting

2. Lidar (Obstacle avoidance & range system)

3. 33 pound maximum payload

4. Fire extinguisher launcher (131-foot range), fire extinguisher arm (4-ft to 15.5 ft. Extend)

5. 35 minutes flight time

6. IP-65 Rated

Lidar and 30X camera

Window breaker with monitor