How to choose propellers for drone?

The propeller blades have an important impact on the power of the UAV, which in turn affects the flight of the UAV. However, there are many types of propellers on the market, and their functions are different. How should drones choose propellers to improve flight efficiency? In this issue, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of propellers.

What is a propeller?

The propeller is an important part of the drone's power system. When it is installed on the drone, the lift generated by the rapid rotation will bring the drone into the air. The propeller is one of the power systems of the UAV. The material is generally wood, plastic, carbon fiber, etc., which are selected according to the parameters of the aircraft.

Propeller specifications and models

Propeller specifications are generally represented by 4 digits, the first two digits indicate the diameter, and the last two digits indicate the pitch. Take 2880 propeller as an example, 28 indicates that the diameter of the paddle is 28 inches, and 80 indicates the propeller angle. (Pitch, 8.0 inches, which is 203.2mm).

The relationship between the quantity of propeller and efficiency

The fewer propellers, the higher the efficiency. For example, compared to quad-rotor and hexa-rotor drones with similar wheelbases, battery specifications and the same take-off weight, the flight time of the quad-rotor is longer than that of the hexa-rotor.

What is the role of the propeller

drone sprayer, the downward pressure wind field generated by the propeller is an effective boost for crop spraying. The downward pressure of the propeller makes the leaves sway and sprays the mist to the front and back of each leaf. The atomization rate of pesticides is improved, while the penetration rate of mist flow is enhanced, the loss of drugs is reduced, and the utilization rate of pesticides is increased by at least 30%. Therefore, the effect of drone spraying pesticides is significantly higher than manual spraying.

How to fit the propeller

The choice of propeller is related to the motor KV value. Generally, motors with larger KV values choose high-speed propellers (small size propellers), and low-speed propellers (large size propellers) with smaller KV values. The smaller the KV value, the larger the motor torque and the lower the speed. Therefore, a large-pitch and large-size propeller should be selected; the larger the KV value, the smaller the motor torque, but the higher the speed, so you should choose a small-pitch and small-size propeller. propeller. When the motor specifications are different and the KV value is the same, the larger the diameter and height of the motor, the greater the power of the motor. It is necessary to choose a large pitch and large size propeller to improve efficiency.

for example:   

1) Two UAVs of the same 10kg 4-axis UAV, the same 8120 motor model, one is 100kv value, the other is 140kv value. There are 3090 propellers and 2911 propellers, then 100kv is suitable for 3090 propellers, and 140kv is suitable for 2911 propellers.

2) Two of the same 10kg 4-axis drones, one is 7020 motor model, the other is 8120 motor model, and the motor value is 140kv. There are 2488 propellers and 2911 propellers, the 7020 motor is adapted to the 2488 propeller, and the 8120 motor is adapted to the 2911 propeller.

How to maintain the propeller

1. Check the appearance of the blades for bends, breakages, cracks, etc. Please discard the propellers with this problem.

2. Check whether there are pesticide residues and stains under the propeller of the plant protection machine. Pesticide residue will damage the aerodynamic shape of the propeller, reduce flight efficiency, and ultimately increase the cost of plant protection operations.