How to choose drone camera lens

The application of drones is very wide. For example, high-speed patrols use drones to conduct inspections, fire rescue uses drones to enter dangerous areas to investigate the situation, and aerial photography enthusiasts use drones to carry cameras to take pictures of landscapes. The role of the camera, how to choose the right UAV camera lens? This article will introduce several functions from the drone camera one by one.

1. Drone camera defog function

Drone camera shooting in a humid environment will inevitably cause fogging, which will seriously affect the shooting effect and cannot reach the ideal state. At this time, the selection of drone camera needs to have a fog-through function. When visual enhancement and After the fog-passing function, the picture quality can be dynamically enhanced, and within a given dynamic range, the picture will continuously adapt to the scene pixel by pixel. Even in a smoky environment, a clearer picture can be taken.

2. Drone camera noise reduction function
The noise reduction function is a function that optimizes and eliminates noise. Long exposures produce noise. Most of this phenomenon occurs when shooting night scenes with low ISO, and some cluttered bright spots appear in the dark night sky of the image. The reason is that the processor cannot handle the huge workload caused by the slow shutter speed, which causes some specific pixels to lose control. When the noise reduction function of the drone camera is turned on, high-definition images will be obtained.

3. Light conversion function
UAV cameras should be able to provide clear monitoring images in different environments day and night. When the lighting conditions change frequently, the cameras should also have high-quality image quality. The automatic day and night conversion function is essential. In low-light environments, the camera module automatically switches from day mode to night mode, removes infrared filters, and improves sensitivity so that a clear picture can be captured at night.

How to choose a drone camera lens also needs to be matched according to different industry needs. FlyDragon UAV company provides cameras for different industry needs. These cameras have dynamic functions, automatic day and night conversion functions and spherical privacy area masking functions. These practical properties are suitable for a variety of application fields and fully meet the various needs of users.